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The nicest picnic ideas in the Netherlands

July 4, 2019 / Netherlands

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Summer is imminent and that means only one thing: we’re all finally going outside again! You can take breakfast on the balcony, have some drinks on the terrace or pack a basket full of food for the park, beach or one of the many special picnic areas that our country has to offer. Are you up for trying something new? We can show you where to find some of the best picnic areas in the big cities of the Netherlands.

Picnicking in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is full of gorgeous city parks: you probably already know Vondelpark, Oosterpark and Westerpark, right? How about the Van Brienenhofje? This hidden treasure has been on Prinsengracht since 1804, offering an unexpected oasis of tranquility. Or what about the Frankendael park? This estate, originally from the 17th century (the only one in Amsterdam), is located in the middle of the emerging Watergraafsmeer. It’s a wonderfully quiet spot, so you really get the feeling that you’re out of town: perfect for a nice picnic.

Picnic ideas for Eindhoven

Enjoying summer in Eindhoven? Then we recommend that you catch an Uber ride to the Wasven green domain. This former estate turned nature reserve is located near Tongelre and offers the ideal location for a romantic afternoon in the sun. Walk through the beautiful castle garden and find a nice spot among all the greenery to settle down with your picnic basket. Near the Wasven, you can also find the Doorntuin Spring Garden, which has been in full bloom for a number of years. Here, you can walk among lush greenery, and enjoy some unique natural attractions like their insect hotel and bee hive. You won’t get bored here!

Picnic areas in Rotterdam

If you’re going picnicking in Rotterdam, you must sit by the water somewhere. The Maas runs through the entire city, but our favorite spot near the water is the Eiland van Brienenoord. From the center you can cycle there in fifteen minutes, but of course you can also request an Uber ride to get there even faster. On this natural island, you will find forest, grassy plains, open water and pools – and many places for a nice picnic. Looking for a beach? Then drag your picnic basket to Heijplaat Quarantine, a river beach on the Maas that few people know because it is hidden in the port of Rotterdam.

A picnic in The Hague

If you are looking for special and unique picnic areas, then the Celestial Vault near The Hague is one that should be on your list. This piece of land art was laid out by James Turrell in 1996 and is still a popular visitor site. Lay your rug on the floor and enjoy the interesting scenery. Another hotspot in The Hague is the Barthkapel, a quiet piece of greenery located in the middle of the city. Ideal for a small pit stop between shopping or to spend an entire afternoon – accompanied by a number of snacks and drinks, of course.

Hidden picnic areas in Utrecht

Everyone knows Utrecht’s Nicolaïkerk, but did you know that one of the city’s most beautiful gardens lies between this church and the central station? And then there is the Abraham Dolehof, a relaxing inner garden behind the Saint Ursula monastery. If you’ve had enough of the urban bustle, then this is the perfect place to unwind. And if you don’t have a picnic at hand, you can always order something via Uber Eats.

One of the nicest things about picnicking is that you can do it wherever you want. So, pack your basket, bring a blanket and enjoy some of the Netherlands nicest picnic areas.