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Weekend getaway: What to do in Utrecht

February 28, 2019 / Netherlands

Utrecht is the ideal city for a weekend away that’s not too far away. The Dom city is one of the most charming in the Netherlands, perhaps even in the whole of Europe. There is plenty to see and do for an unforgettable trip: from towering views to unique museums, whatever it is, Utrecht has it. We’ve put together a few highlights for you based on some of our tours around the city.

weekend in utrecht

Boating around Utrecht

Utrecht is a beautiful place, especially from the water. With a cruise, you can get the most perfect first impression of the Dom city: from the Oudegracht you can enjoy scenes of beautiful canal houses, bridges, old wharf cellars and bustling city life. If you book a proper tour, you might also be treated to some information about the rich history of the city.

Climb the Dom Tower

Now that you’ve had the chance to see everything from the water, it’s time to admire the city from a completely different perspective. The 112-meter high Dom Tower is, of course, the number one symbol of Utrecht, and the number one place for aerial views of the city. On your way to the top you will pass the carillon and the tower’s giant bells, which together weigh over 31 thousand kilos.

It’s a long way up, but don’t worry: once you’re enjoying the breathtaking view, you’ll quickly forget the breathtaking 465 steps you had to climb to see it.

weekend in utrecht

Castle de Haar

Utrecht is also home to the largest castle in the Netherlands. Visiting Castle de Haar is like a visit to another world. You can play pretend as a lord or lady of the castle as you get acquainted with the wonderful history of the ancient site. There are hidden stories behind every door or gate, alongside it’s spectacular gardens.

If you’re coming into Utrecht by train, you can request a ride with us to get to Castle de Haar with ease.

Tip: Book a ride in advance for when you arrive at the station, so you can smoothly continue your journey as soon as you’re off the train. You can find Uber pickup locations near the station on the Jaarbeursplein, the station square and on the Smakkelaarsveld. Make sure not to keep your driver waiting too long or you might miss your ride..

Museums in Utrecht

There’s certainly no lack of museums in Utrecht, two of which we’d consider to be very unique. Step into the magical and musical world of self-playing musical instruments at Museum Speelklok. Here you’ll find hundreds of music machines, from the smallest of music boxes to the largest of automatic orchestras. Come at lunchtime, and enjoy a sandwich in the Netherlands’ most musical lunchroom.

If you’re out with the kids, then the colorful Miffy museum is also definitely worth a visit.

weekend in utrecht

Rietveld-Schröder House

Interested in architecture or just feel like seeing something unique? Then go to the Rietveld-Schröder House. When you see it, you simply won’t believe that this futuristic and architectural highlight was built in 1924. The house is a short way outside the city center, so if it’s too cold to make the walk, you can get there by booking a ride through the Uber app.

The Rietveld-Schröder House is only accessible with a guided tour: they’re often sold out so make sure to plan ahead.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover Utrecht from different angles and enjoy this special city with Uber.

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