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Travelling to work? Use Uber for business travel!

July 9, 2019 / Kenya

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Whether it’s trips between your appointments or keeping track of all your documents on an airport transfer, business travel can require a lot of effort – and that’s before the work you’re doing on the trip itself.

So, why not let us take care of some of that work? Using Uber for your work commute or for business travel can help simplify your journey, tidying up the details and helping you focus on what matters. 

Round-the-clock rides 

One of the outstanding features of using Uber for business travel is its 24/7 accessibility. Whether you’re catching an early morning flight to attend that all-important meeting or heading to a work dinner with colleagues, you can order a ride at any time – day or night.

Book ahead of time     

The Uber app has built-in time-management features to suit the savviest of professionals. You can book a ride ahead of time, meaning you can attend to last-minute details without having to stress about being late or factoring in extra time to find a suitable parking spot. Just wait to be notified of your driver’s arrival, hop in, and get going.

Stay on schedule

When you book your ride, you’ll receive an ETA (estimated time of arrival) indicating when your driver should arrive to pick you up. Then, when your trip starts, you’ll receive another ETA informing you of what time you should arrive at your destination. This time is subject to traffic conditions and other variables, so your ETA will continually update during the ride, letting you know how it affects your schedule.

Jumping queues 

When you’ve got to make that meeting, queuing up to book a ride just won’t do. So, forget waiting in line – it’s easy to speed up your work commute with Uber. It’s just a simple matter of opening the app, requesting a ride and you can be on your way as soon as possible.

How does Uber for Business work?

If you manage business travel for employees, Uber for Business can help you get the benefits of using Uber for business travel at a management level. From tools for monitoring your travel expenses to in-app budget controls and travel policy controls, Uber for Business provides you with a platform to take control of your corporate travel. And, that’s all whilst giving your employees a smooth Uber experience.

There’s no need to miss a pitch or deadline because of travel problems. Take the effort out of business travel and make your work trips that much more productive with Uber.