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Rate your driver like a pro

October 25, 2022 / Kenya

Did you know that after each trip, riders and drivers have the opportunity to rate each other from 1 to 5 stars, based on their trip experience? This feedback system improves accountability and helps create a respectful, safe, and transparent environment for everyone! This is why it’s important that you remember to rate your driver and do so accurately.

Here are some suggestions to consider to help you rate your driver like a pro:

★★★★★ I had a fantastic trip – the driver was approachable, helpful and the car was presentable. Overall, it was a seamless experience and you left in a good mood!

★★★★ – This was a near perfect experience, but not yet 5-star! This could have been because you weren’t quite satisfied with the  pickup experience or use of the GPS.

★★★ – This was an average trip, and you could have experienced one of the following: the car was not presentable, or the driver got lost. Your overall experience was not great!

★★ – This was a bad experience and you experienced more than one of the following: the driver was not pleasant, the car was dirty or the driver got lost.

★ – You did not enjoy your trip at all, and everything seemed to go wrong. This could be due to the following: you did not get along with the driver, the vehicle was not in good condition, the estimated time of arrival was missed and the driver was not able to follow the GPS correctly.