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Riding with friends in Nairobi? Try UberXL!

September 22 / Kenya

As a Nairobian, you’re always looking forward to a day out in the sun with your friends. But the question remains: how to get there? Wherever you’re going – to a park, a bar or the airport, there’s so much to do in Nairobi with friends, but the difficulty is always getting everyone in one place.

With UberXL, it’s ok to be a groupie! As you might know, there are different kinds of rides to choose from on the Uber App to suit different needs and budgets. UberXL is our super-sized option, providing a ride for up to 6 passengers or for those who need lots of luggage room.

For clarity, let’s have a closer look at the differences between the UberXL and the more familiar Uber Chapchap to see how UberXL can ease your trip.

Size does matter

Uber Chapchap is the ride most people know. This type of ride offers everyday transport at unbeatable rates in Nairobi, an excellent choice if you need safe, reliable, and affordable transport across the city.

On the other hand, UberXL is an option that fits 6 passengers comfortably with space for extra luggage as well – perfect for airport bags, going out with your crew or a family trip to an amusement park. The vehicles in this category include comfortable minivans and make travelling in groups a breeze. It’s currently available in Nairobi.

Boost your rides

Catching an UberXL ride not only means you can take along all your friends or family for the ride, but it also lets you take even greater advantage of the Uber features that we all know and love. Take fare splitting for instance – with UberXL, you can split the fare between you and 5 of your friends for an even better saving than Uber Chapchap. That means less transport costs and more spending money for all.  

Using the multiple destinations feature also comes in handy when travelling in groups. It always feels nice to get everyone together in one place to start a journey. Instead, you can just pick everyone up on the way – they can even track the progress of your journey so they know when you’re around the corner with shared trip data.   

Taking an UberXL ride means convenience on so many levels. Why wait? Make a date with your friends and request a ride via the Uber app for an easy and awesome day out.