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Changes to COVID-19 safety policies: As of 30 September 2022, Uber has removed the “Go Online Checklist” and “Mask Verification” feature for driver-partners. Uber will continue to follow the guidance of the health authorities and may reintroduce these safety features when necessary.

Uber is committed to the safety of the platform, from the creation of new standards to the development of technology. That’s why we are introducing new safety features for riders and driver-partners in Hong Kong. We have just launched Ultrasound — an elevated PIN verification feature that enables automated ride verification. By the end of 2021, we will also introduce RideCheck — a safety feature that notifies riders and driver-partners upon anomaly detection. Both features will be available across all Uber products, including Uber Taxi. Riders have the option of turning the features on or off within the Uber App. Both features will be rolled out to 100% of riders by the end of 2021.  

Action-free ride verifications 

Uber is now elevating its PIN verification feature with Ultrasound. Once the rider activates the feature, it will transmit the safety PIN to the driver-partner automatically and wirelessly before the trip, ensuring riders are in the right car and driver-partners are carrying the correct rider. Upon successful verification, a confirmation will be sent from the Uber App, providing both riders and driver-partners with peace of mind before a trip gets started.

If riders’ phones are connected to headphones or are on a phone call, Ultrasound will be disabled and riders will have to give the PIN to drivers verbally.

Full suite of RideCheck available by the end of 2021:
Connecting you with help when you need it. 

RideCheck is a feature that senses route deviations, long stops and mid-way drop offs from a planned route, and proactively reports to riders and driver-partners.

Throughout the years, GPS has played a big part in providing a safe, reliable, and effortless experience to both riders and driver-partners. In addition to the existing real-time locations and navigation guidance provided by the technology, Uber is now using the data behind to introduce the latest RideCheck safety suite. 

RideCheck proactively surfaces tools riders and driver-partners may need when it detects something may have gone wrong, like an unexpected long stop, an unexpected route or destination is detected. On such occasions both rider and driver-partner will receive a notification asking if everything is alright, and whether assistance from Uber is needed. 

With the RideCheck feature, a message that reads “We notice your trip is taking an unexpected route. Is everything OK?” will pop out and offer access to Uber’s Safety Toolkit for them to navigate accordingly. If the system detects the ride ended away from the planned destination, the RideCheck Mid-Way Drop Off feature will automatically offer an option to request for another ride and get feedback from the user. 


Over 1.2 million Mask verification secured: Helping keep drivers and riders safe

Before driver-partners and delivery-partners start driving passengers around or delivering food, they are asked to take a selfie to show that their mouth and nose are covered. Our partners are key to ensuring our platform is safe for all users, and to date, driver-partners in Hong Kong have completed more than 1.2 million mask verifications. We thank them for their partnership.

For more information on Uber’s safety features, please visit https://www.uber.com/hk/en/safety/.