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 2024 marks a decade of Uber in Hong Kong. Hong Kong riders and driver partners’ unwavering support have made this milestone possible – thank you, it’s been a remarkable ride! Over the last ten years,trips completed through Uber in the city covered over 1.44 billion kilometres (that’s a trip to Saturn with a couple of million miles to spare!), all carrying a total of 3.6 million riders around the city.

 When Uber came to the city in 2014, we wanted to provide a tech solution that met the evolving needs of Hong Kong and its visitors. So far, we’ve succeeded in becoming one of the city’s most popular point-to-point transportation options. In a survey,  70% or respondents said  Uber brings a positive impact to their life. Over more than  100 million trips in the past 10 years, Uber has been there for the people of Hong Kong when they needed it most. 

Providing ride options that meet the unique needs of each rider

Estyn Chung, General Manager of Uber Hong Kong, said: “A recent survey of ours shows that nearly 90% of riders have fully embraced Uber’s presence in Hong Kong. The overwhelming support only fuels our desire to positively impact the communities we serve in Hong Kong. As we embark on the next decade, our dedication to Hong Kong remains steadfast, we’ll keep searching for innovative ways to connect its people and elevate everyday journeys”

Uber understands that everyone’s mobility needs are different, and offers tailored options such as Uber Pet, Uber Assist to meet those needs. Since the launch of Uber Assist and Uber Pet, more than 800,000 of our riders have taken advantage of these options and now rest easy knowing that they and their loved ones are cared for.  

Allowing HKers to earn income in a flexible way

Uber embraces the beauty of the gig economy and has been offering HK people a flexible opportunity to earn an income. Survey shows that 75% of the driver users enjoy driving through Uber, and they’re most happy with the flexible earning opportunities, as well as the feeling of ‘Being their own boss’. More than 70% of taxi drivers reported earning more, and enjoying more, with Uber.

Since we acquired HKTaxi in 2021, we have been scaling up our collaboration with the taxi industry. Uber strongly believes in  “Uber + Taxi, Better Together”, and we take concrete actions to get ourselves closer and closer to this goal – from providing financial assistance to drivers during COVID period, running free of charge safety courses, and launching new Taxi options to offer more earning opportunities to drivers. Uber never stops exploring new ways to uplevel the taxi industry and provide magical experiences for all users of the platform. 

Helping travellers to get around town easily

Locals aren’t the only ones satisfied – 12% of Uber rides in Hong Kong are taken by overseas visitors. Available across 10,000 cities worldwide, Uber offers a familiar service in a foreign land, so tourists and business travellers can get stuck into authentic Hong Kong experiences without a second thought. Only a tap away, travellers trust Uber to get them back to their gate on time, with 68% of trips to and from the airport taken in an Uber.

Shaping Hong Kong for decades to come

Uber has been seen as a force for good in HK with 83% of Uber riders thinking that “Uber brings benefits to Hong Kong”, and we’re committed to continue to contribute to the community. To achieve this, one of the cutting-edge concepts is Uber WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle) option which is planned to launch by the end of 2024. Uber WAV offers wheelchair users a safe and convenient option to get around the city.  Additionally, Uber Assist will be upscaled to cater for diverse needs from elderly, pregnant women and people with physical disabilities. 

Moving forward, we aspire to take bold and big steps to help us achieve the “Uber + Taxi, Better Together” goal, and continue to explore innovative features to embrace the future of e-mobility development in Hong Kong. Let’s move together, Hong Kong!