Uber and ZA pledge HK$8 million to support driver-partners

April 11 / Hong Kong

The Program

Uber and ZA are pledging HK$8 million to launch ZA x Uber Relief Program to provide you the extra relief you need as you start moving Hong Kongers around the city again.

As restrictions are about to be lifted and the city slowly reopens, Hong Kongers will start moving again. We have your back as you start getting busy on the road.  This is why we’re partnering with ZA to offer Uber driver-partners (including Uber Taxi driver-partners) peace of mind.  If you are unfortunately diagnosed with COVID-19, you will be eligible for a one-off HK$2,000 financial assistance.

Program period: from 11th April to 9th October 2022
(Or until the HK$8 million ZA x Uber Relief Program fund runs out, whichever occurs first)

The Eligibility

If you are an active Uber driver-partner1 and match the following criteria, you will be eligible to claim2 a one-off HK$2,000 relief fund from ZA Care within the program period3:

  • Diagnosed with COVID-19 and subject to a compulsory quarantine order within the program period (from 11th April to 9th October 2022) (Subject to the date of receiving your PCR test results); and 
  • Be a ZA Bank account holder

1 You have completed at least one trip through the Uber platform during the period of 1st February to the day before the relief program end date.

2If you are also eligible for benefit under other COVID-19 related schemes offered by ZA Care (“ZA Schemes”), and make claims for both the payout under this program and the benefit under other ZA Schemes, you shall only be entitled to receive the higher amount between the payout under this program  or the entitlement under other ZA Schemes.

3Limited funds only and subject to a first come first serve basis. The order of claim approvals will be based on the date on which the applicant completes the submission of the required information for the claim.

How to set up a ZA Bank account

Please visit  this link to install the ZA Bank app to open an account. You may also refer to this video by ZA Bank which includes a step-by-step guide on how to open a ZA Bank account. If you have any questions on the account opening, you may contact the ZA Bank hotline at +852 3665 3665 for further assistance. The ZA Bank account will be subject to ZA Bank’s prevailing terms and conditions.

No matter if you are an existing or new ZA Bank account holder, you will have to provide the unique code which was provided to you through email or Uber Driver in-app message when you open a bank account  with ZA Bank (if applicable) or when you submit a claim for the relief program with ZA Care.

The above links will redirect you to ZA Bank’s website, which will be subject to ZA Bank’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.

How to Apply for ZA x Uber Relief Program

You can apply by submitting the information listed below directly to within 30 days from receiving your positive PCR test result :

  • Full name in both Chinese and English
  • Copy of Hong Kong Identification Card 
  • Valid phone number (same as registered on the Uber platform)
  • Screenshot of Covid-19 reporting to Uber driver support
  • Proof of a valid positive Covid-19 polymerase chain test (PCR Test) result, such as a screenshot of a SMS message by the Hong Kong Government showing the first three digit of the your HKID number (You can refer to the following list of mobile specimen collection stations)
  • Copy of a written notice for compulsory quarantine issued by the Centre for Health Protection (applicable for home quarantine or designated community quarantine centre)
  • Copy of your ZA Bank account proof/bank statement 
  • A screenshot of your driver profile from the Uber Driver App 
  • The ZA unique code provided to you through email or Uber in-app message

ZA Care will process your application. Once all the required information and documentation are submitted, ZA Care will complete your claim within 7 working days, including the deposit of your one-off HK$2,000 relief fund to your ZA Bank account.

Terms & Conditions

  • The relief program is only available to driver-partners who have received a relevant email /in-app message directly from Uber.
  • ZA Group and Uber reserve the right to cancel or deduct any payout in the case of any fraud, illegality or breach of any applicable user terms, community guidelines or regulations. 
  • For further details, you can refer to the terms & conditions.