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Getting around Accra and Kumasi with Uber availability in Ghana

March 4, 2019 / Ghana

For the past two and a half years in Ghana, Uber availability has made getting around the country’s major cities easier than ever before. From heading out to the city center for a meal to setting off on an early morning ride to the airport, here are just some of the places and ways you can catch a ride with us in Ghana’s Uber cities.

Uber availability in Ghana


Based on the Atlantic coast, the Ghanaian capital Accra is the nation’s beating heart, with a culture formed from its Danish, Dutch and British influences as well as its West African roots. And while it’s small, it’s busy and bustling, with plenty to offer to all comers—all reachable with a quick Uber ride of course.

Whether you’re on the hunt for excellent shopping in malls and markets, a thriving cultural scene or natural spaces to relax, Accra has it all. If you’re looking for day at the beach, take a tour from Labadi Beach all the way across the beachfront to James Town, where you can find amazing views from its Lighthouse or some Ghanaian history at the nearby Ussher Fort.

When it comes to getting out of town, there’s no hassle either. You can easily escape the crowds of the city center by hopping in a ride to Bojo Beach or the Aburi Botanical Gardens. If it’s an international escape you’re looking for, Uber makes airport transfers to Kotoka International Airport easy and stress-free.

Uber availability in Ghana


Heading further inland but staying in the country’s south, Ghana’s 2nd Uber city is Kumasi. Known to most as the Garden City, it has a rich cultural heritage and was formerly the capital of the Ashanti Empire, one of Africa’s great civilisations.

Today, it’s a thriving, cosmopolitan city with a good road network—we should know! —and it’s packed with stacks of brilliant things to see and do. For those dying to uncover some hidden history, you can see the former royal residence at Asantehene’s Palace or visit the colonial Fort Kumasi, built in 1896, which now houses the Ghana Armed Forces Museum.

From there, you’re directly in reach of some of central Kumasi’s best shopping centers and markets. Track down some bargains at the 11,000 plus stalls of the Kejetia Market or the Asafo Market. And don’t worry about carrying the shopping after, we can take care of that part.

Uber availability in Ghana

So, when it comes to getting around in Ghana, don’t hesitate to rely on us. It doesn’t matter whether you’re exploring some of the lesser-known spots in Kumasi or making the daily commute to the office in Accra: just check the Uber app to request a ride from drivers near you.