Crane: Uber’s Next-Gen Infrastructure Stack

September 15 / Global

Deduping and Storing Images at Uber Eats

September 8 / Global

Engineering, Backend
MySQL to MyRocks Migration in Uber’s Distributed Datastores

September 1 / Global

Data / ML
Uber Freight Carrier Metrics with Near-Real-Time Analytics

August 25 / Global

What is an Authorization Hold?

August 18 / Global

Engineering, Backend, Mobile
Uber’s Next Gen Push Platform on gRPC

August 16 / Global

Ride, Promotions
Go wherever you need to with #AccraChillups!

August 11 / Ghana

Ride, Promotions
Go wherever you need to with #TaadiChillups!

August 11 / Ghana

ML Education at Uber: Program Design and Outcomes

August 2 / Global

AI, Culture, Data / ML, Engineering
ML Education at Uber: Frameworks Inspired by Engineering Principles

July 28 / Global

Data / ML, Engineering
Supercharging A/B Testing at Uber

July 21 / Global

Vertical CPU Scaling: Reduce Cost of Capacity and Increase Reliability

July 14 / Global

Rider Etiquette on UberX Share

July 8 / Ghana

AI, Data / ML, Engineering
Uber’s Highly Scalable and Distributed Shuffle as a Service

July 7 / Global

Introducing Shadower: A Minimalistic Load Testing Tool

June 30 / Global

How We Halved Go Monorepo CI Build Time

June 23 / Global