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Rider Etiquette on UberX Share

July 8 / Ghana

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UberX Share is all about getting more people into fewer cars. When you’re sharing a space with another person, a few courtesies need to be taken, in order to have an enjoyable ride. 

Here are 8 tips for the best rider etiquette on UberX Share.

  • Tip 1: Please be prompt! You don’t want to make your co-rider wait, do you?
  • Tip 2: Best to keep all cell phone conversations to a minimum. That means no impassioned arguments with your significant other about dinner reservations, or drawn out conversations with your loud (but lovable) best friend.
  • Tip 3: Consider chatting about the weather or your favorite sandwich with your driver and co-rider, but perhaps avoid any heated debate. 
  • Tip 4: For rides to the gym, UberX Share is fine. However, for rides home after you’ve been working out and sweating for an hour, you may want your own car (UberX). 
  • Tip 5: If you want to enjoy a snack, just run it past your driver and co-rider. But let’s be sure it has a cover or a wrapper, isn’t messy and is aroma-free.
  • Tip 6: It’s called personal space. Respect your co-rider’s and stick to your own seat.
  • Tip 7: Leave your baggage at home. Sharing a ride means sharing trunk space.
  • Tip 8: You only get one seat. Remember, you can only request a ride for you alone when you are choosing UberX Share, because one other rider may be joining you. With UberX Share, riders can only request a ride for one person.

The truth is, we all want to spend less on transportation, we all want what’s best for the environment, and we all want a relaxing, comfortable ride. So why not join the UberX Share party and jump on in? Prefer a private ride? Choose UberX, SELECT or Comfort instead, before you request.