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Uber, a simpler way to have a safer night out

August 1, 2019 / Ghana

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We all look forward to nights out: catching up with friends, enjoying some good food and entertainment, and generally having a fantastic time. But at the end of the evening, the question of how to get everyone home safely always comes up.

Fortunately, we can help the memories of your evening remain good ones. If you’re wondering whether Uber is available at night, you’ll be glad to know you can request a ride at any time. So, here’s how you can use the Uber app for a safer night out. 

Safe night out with Uber

Wait comfortably for your ride

Public transport in Accra and Kumasi at night isn’t always that readily available, but Uber makes sure you’re not kept waiting outside to get home. When you request a ride with us, you can stay safely inside while you wait for your driver. You’ll be notified when they reach the pickup location and can see a live map of their journey there, so you can be ready to hop in when they arrive.

Know your ride ahead of time

After booking your Uber ride, you can view your driver’s profile. Here, you’ll be able to see your driver’s name and picture, as well as details of the vehicle and its license plate. This way, you’ll know exactly who will be picking you up after your night out. Of course, your driver will also know who they’re picking up, so there’s no confusion when they arrive. 

Safe night out with Uber

A safer ride home 

Once you’re in your ride, you can enjoy peace of mind on your way home. We screen all potential driver-partners and their vehicles thoroughly; additionally, we work with safety experts and cities for a safer Uber ride home every time.

You also get access to various safety tools during your ride: Trusted Contacts lets you share your trip data with friends or a loved one, so they can know you’re getting a ride home after your night out. They’ll know what route your taking, who’s taking you, and when you’re likely to arrive, making for a more secure and safer night out all round. Check the in-app Safety toolkit to learn more about Uber safety features.

Left something behind?  

So, you’ve finally made it home, only to realize you’ve left your wallet, keys or your phone in the ride – it happens to everyone. If you happen to leave something in a vehicle after a ride with us, then don’t worry. You can contact your driver through the app to alert them of the lost item. Just go to “Your trips”, select the appropriate ride and tap “I lost an item” to get in touch with them. 

If you lost your phone, you can also report a lost item online at our website instead.

Safe night out with Uber

At Uber, we take night out safety seriously, just as we do at any time of day. Ghana’s nightlife has a lot to offer, and you can use the Uber app to make your ride home convenient, comfortable and, above all, safer. After all, a great night out deserves a great ending, without any delays or anything else to spoil the memory of it.