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Features for a Smoother Uber Pickup Experience

June 18, 2019 / United Kingdom

When you’re paired with passengers for a ride, you always want the pickup to be as easy as possible. Whether you’re picking them up in a dark or crowded area, or they’re trying to find your vehicle out of several other drivers, pickups aren’t always straightforward. That’s why there are plenty of Uber app features to make coordinating with riders as simple and easy as possible.

Start trips offline

Lost service at a crucial time? The driver app allows you to start and end trips without a connection, no matter what happens. There’s no need to wait around to find a signal. and no disruptions from network lag or wi-fi dark spots – and no wasted time for you or your rider.

Live location sharing

Sometimes a street name isn’t enough: with live location sharing, riders can share their location directly with you so you can easily find each other. When you arrive at the pickup, check the app – if a rider has enabled location sharing, you’ll be able to see their exact GPS location on the map. That means no need to start ringing if you can’t see them, you can see exactly how far away they are.

Pickup Messages

A little extra detail can make all the difference. That’s why Pickup Messages are one of the great benefits of driving with Uber. They enable riders to send helpful details, such as what colour they’re wearing (“I’m in the yellow coat”) or where they’ll be waiting (“I’m out front”), so that you can find them more easily.

Plus, Pickup Messages have been designed to encourage safe driving, so they’ll be read out loud from your app to help you stay focused. Then, all you need to do to respond is tap. Simple.  

Adjust location

Every so often, mistakes happen – from pins that are dropped in the wrong spot to riders accidentally entering the wrong address, sometimes you get sent the wrong information. With the Uber app, it’s easy for riders to adjust their pickup location which will automatically update on your device, ensuring that your Uber pickup is as simple and seamless as possible.

With these helpful Uber app features, you can enjoy a simple and stress-free pickup experience, time and time again.