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Update on Uber in London

Today the Westminster Magistrates Court granted Uber a licence to operate in London. We are committed to help keep London moving during this critical time.

The safest possible service

There is nothing more important than the safety of the riders, drivers and the cities we serve. Over the past four years we have rolled out a number of new in-app features, strengthening our systems and processes and partnering with safety organisations on important campaigns.

  • All drivers in the UK are required to use Real-Time ID Check, and take a selfie to verify their identity before they can start using the app.
  • A dedicated Safety Toolkit in the Uber app means that riders and drivers can easily access important features to keep them safe and prevent incidents.
    • Trusted Contacts: Riders can designate up to five friends and family members to follow their journey with live trip details.
    • Emergency assistance: In an emergency, riders can connect directly with emergency services with real-time location and vehicle information.
    • Address anonymisation: In addition to mobile numbers, riders’ specific pick-up and drop-off addresses are now concealed.
    • In-app safety centre for drivers: A one-stop shop for safety resources including tips, insurance protections and community guidelines
  • Check Your Ride alerts help make sure riders are getting into the correct licensed vehicle.
  • Cycle lane alerts notify riders to check for cyclists before opening the door near a cycle path.
  • Limits to driver hours mean that a licensed driver can only spend 10 hours en route to, and on-trip with, a passenger before they are required to log out.
  • Uber is a proud signatory of the Women’s Night Safety Charter, working with UK SAYS NO MORE to help women feel safer.
  • We are also partnering with organisations to assist with society’s broader safety challenges like modern slavery, the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, and working with the Home Office to help tackle County Lines drugs and human trafficking.

Supporting licensed drivers

In London more than 45,000 private hire drivers regularly use the Uber app, valuing the freedom, flexibility and earning potential it brings.

  • All drivers are eligible for AXA insurance accident and injury protection, medical expenses cover, parental leave and jury service payments – completely free of charge.
  • Uber Pro is a loyalty programme that helps drivers build towards their future. Through Uber Pro, drivers or their loved ones have the opportunity to study for an undergraduate degree with the Open University.
  • Our Clean Air Plan, which has raised £100m, is helping drivers in London upgrade to a fully electric vehicle.

We’re here for you

If you are a driver and have questions about how this might impact you, please contact us via the ‘Help’ section of your app.

Thank you for your support, London.