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Uber Eats partners with Cycling UK on road safety

June 13, 2019 / United Kingdom

We are pleased to have partnered with Cycling UK, the national cycling charity in the United Kingdom, to help increase cycling awareness and education for delivery partners, drivers, and the general public.

Cycling UK has produced five videos instructing cyclists on basic road safety and bike maintenance, complemented by five written guides. The videos feature advice on road positioning, how to safely approach junctions, signalling and awareness of other road users as well as top tips on how to look after a bike. If you use a bicycle to deliver, we hope you’ll find these guides helpful.

The written guides show cyclists how to prepare their bikes to ride safely and how to fix basic problems they may encounter when cycling. These guides have been specially designed to be downloaded on your phone and are easily accessible.

Video Guides

Top tips for cycling safely

The majority of Uber Eats deliveries start and end in a busy urban environment. Watch this video for five tips on cycling safely and sharing the road with other users.


Did you know that more than 70% of collisions involving a bicycle happen at or near junctions? Watch this video to learn how to navigate junctions safely.

The M check

This video covers a quick, easy and effective way to ensure your bike is safe to ride and helps you to spot any issues before you head out on the road.

Roadside Maintenance

Sometimes you may need to make some repairs to your bike while out and about. This video will show you how you can service your bike whilst on a journey.

Puncture Repairs

All you need to know about fixing a puncture.

Written Guides

How to maintain your bike

Read the following five guides from Cycling UK to learn more about how to maintain your bike. Remember to wash your hands after carrying out any maintenance on your bike and if you are unsure about your repairs, seek the advice of a qualified mechanic at your local bike shop.