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‘Tis the season for earning!

December 5, 2018 / United Kingdom

December is a busy month: Christmas parties, get-togethers and journeys back home all mean that you can maximise your earnings. We’ve done some research and dug into our data. Here’s what you need to know:

The second Saturday of the month (from Friday 7 December) is traditionally the busiest of the entire year, so make sure you’re on the road to take advantage of the expected increase in trips and riders.

Keep an eye on your app on Fridays too, in December they replace Sundays as the second busiest day of the week.

Throughout the month, people will be out and about celebrating. Riders will be requesting the most rides between 11pm and midnight.

However, on Thursdays and Fridays in December we see a notable increase in trips between 8am – 10am.

Pubs, restaurants and bars will be the most popular pick-up points. Everyone will be enjoying some well earned socialising during the holiday period, and a lot will want a ride home.

You’ll see a dip in trips from around the third week in December through to around the 31st. But demand will pick up again on the New Year’s Eve.

On NYE it will be busy between 8pm – 10pm as people make their way to parties.

The morning after,  New Year’s Day, is an ideal time to be on the road too. Ride requests will be highest from 1am – 4am.