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Summer driving tips

June 18, 2019 / United Kingdom

With the weather heating up and festival season right around the corner, there is a good chance that you’ll soon be finding yourself transporting more passengers to and from music events and festivals, as well as parks and into town on nice days.

Preparing yourself and your vehicle for this sudden influx of festival goers is the best way to make sure you and your riders stay safe and comfortable. Here are our top summer driving tips to help you get festival season on the road.

Show your vehicle a little TLC

The heat of the summer sun and long hours on the road can take its toll on your car and the best way to offset that is a little preparation. Much like you, your car needs plenty of fluids to stay at its best under the blazing sun, so make sure you’ve topped up your engine oil, coolant, and screen-wash and test your car’s air conditioning and cooling system to make sure they’re in working order before you set off.

Check your tyres

A combination of high air temperatures, hot roads and under-inflation can really do a number on your tyres, reducing their life and costing you more at the petrol pump.

The best way to make sure your tyres remain at their best is to check that they stay at the proper inflation pressure. The required PSI should be listed in your vehicle’s manual and making regular use of air pumps at petrol stations can really save you time and money in the long run over the summer season.

Stay hydrated

Once you’ve made sure your car has the right fluid levels, it’s time to make sure you do too. The human body needs around 2.7 to 3.7 litres of water a day to avoid dehydration, so make sure you have plenty of water in the car for both you and your passengers.

Packing some small bottles of water into a cool bag with some reusable freezer bricks and handing them out to customers on a hot day is an excellent way to go that extra mile for your passengers and earn those 5-star ratings.

Take regular breaks

If you’re planning to make the most of the summer demand, remember to take regular breaks and re-hydrate during your hours, especially on very hot days. Dehydration is a situation best avoided and taking the odd fifteen minutes here and there to stop, cool down and top up your fluid level can make driving in hot weather that much easier.

Check your route

Sunny weather and festival season can combine to bring whole stretches of road to a standstill, especially those routes heading to popular music venues, parks or city venues. Doing a little preparation in advance and making sure you have a plan B in mind to avoid routes that are notorious for congestion is always a good idea.

Your passengers will thank you for cutting down the time they spend in transit and you can avoid spending your valuable time stuck in traffic!

Bring some shades

Glare is going to be a real problem on sunny days, so it’s always a good idea to keep a pair of sunglasses in the car, to cut down your chances of being dazzled. You can also combat glare by making sure your windshield is regularly washed, having plenty of wiper fluid and changing out dirty or damaged wiper blades.

With the heat rising and people hoping to make the most of it, summer can be a great to get on the road. By following our tips and knowing how to keep your car cool in summer, you and your riders can enjoy the sunny months in safety and comfort.