Driver Announcements

Rematch – How to use it

November 21, 2018 / United Kingdom

Potentially longer wait times

  • Rematch allows drivers who’ve just dropped off at the airport to take trips if there is one available. This will impact the amount of time you wait in the queue.
  • Trip requests also depend on external factors such as rider demand. If there are less flights, there may be less riders requesting. Demand may also depend on the time of day, or weather conditions.

Why we made this change

  • Although we appreciate that longer wait times are frustrating, Rematch has been put in place to improve the overall airport experience. It means that if you receive a trip going to the airport, you have a better chance of going back with a trip, without having to wait for one in the queue.
  • We are also improving the rider experience, by reducing their wait time. With rematch, a rider has to wait only a few minutes before their driver meets them, as the driver would likely be in the terminal, near the pick up and drop off area.

You won’t always get a Rematch

  • Unfortunately, rematches aren’t guaranteed for every airport drop-off. They vary depending on demand.
  • A rematch is unlikely to happen if there are a higher amount of drop-offs happening at the airport, compared to the pick-ups. For example, if we have 20 drop-offs at the airport in a given time period and 10 pick-ups in the same time period, only 50% of the drop-offs can be matched with a pick-up request.
  • Please head back to the designated waiting area after dropping off at the airport. If a rematch is available you will receive a request on the way. If you do not want an airport trip, you are free to leave the airport.

Always wait in the correct waiting area

  • Head back to the designated waiting area after dropping off at the airport. Please note: most Airports by law make it illegal to wait or attempt a pick up in an unauthorised waiting area.
  • We’ve received complaints from airport authorities that drivers are waiting in drop off zones for a trips, and we would like to remind you that this can result in a penalty issued by the airport
  • We have also received complaints of drivers asking riders to come to the drop off area to get picked up. This is not only against the airport rules, this also results in riders getting wrongly charged for airport pick up fees. Complaints of this nature can result in action taken by the airport, as well as by Uber