Driver Announcements

Complete 70 trips get a reduced 3% service fee

April 25, 2019 / United Kingdom

Want to take home more earnings? Complete 70 trips and after that, you will get a reduced 3% service fee for any trips completed in that week.

How it works

  • Starting 29 April 2019, complete 70 trips in a week and you’ll get a reduced service fee of 3%.
  • Any trips you take after you have completed 70 trips will be subject to a reduced 3% service fee.

Please note: the trip counter resets to 0 every week, which means you will need to complete at least 70 trips to get 3% service fee on your next trips.

For example, when completing 100 trips in the week starting on a Monday, your first 70 trips will have your normal service fee, but the next 30 trips will be fixed at 3%.

This promotion only applies to Merseyside drivers, and on trips that start in the Merseyside and Cheshire West area. See below map for details of this area.