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Make extra money with Consecutive Trips

June 14 / United Kingdom

Why Consecutive Trips?

A Consecutive Trips promotion may be offered based on anticipated rider demand. That’s why if you drive during busy hours, there could be more of these promotions available—and the more Consecutive Trips you complete, the more money you will make. Here’s a quick recap on how it works.*

1. Start in the zone

When the promotion begins, a zone will appear on your screen—navigate there before starting.

2. Take your first trip

Your first trip must start in the zone. After that, you can drop off and pick up from anywhere.

3. Drive 3 in a row

Complete 2 more trips (even if they’re out of the zone or after the promotion time) without rejecting or going offline.

Don’t forget

Stay online
That means you don’t turn off your phone or reject a ride.

Your first trip must start in the zone

After that, you can pick up trips anywhere.

Your last 2 trips
Can start outside of the zone and end after the promotion period.

Frequently asked questions

*Check the Promotions section of your Driver app to see your available promotions.