Driver Announcements

Introducing the Central London Fee

April 4, 2019 / United Kingdom

As part of the Mayor of London’s plans to reduce congestion, private hire vehicles now need to pay the Congestion Charge (up to £11.50 per day) when driving in Central London.

After consulting drivers, our solution to support you through these changes is the Central London Fee. Read on for more information.

What is the Central London Fee?

As of Monday 8 April, £1 will be added on your behalf to every trip that starts, ends or passes through the Congestion Charge zone, with every pound going straight to your Uber account.

  • The fee will apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • This fee will apply to all UberX, UberXL, UberEXEC, UberLUX and UberASSIST trips.
  • It will not apply to trips taken on Pool. Instead, a £1 contribution to drivers will be made initially by Uber to each Pool trip you take, until we are able to build a permanent solution. This will go directly to your Uber account.

We expect that the lower price of Pool and its exclusion from the Central London Fee will make it a popular choice with riders. The additional payment of £1 for each trip, also means it’s still a great way to make the most of your time on the road.

This will apply on: 

  • UberX
  • UberXL
  • UberExec
  • UberLux
  • UberAssist

What this means for you

The Central London Fee will help you maintain your earnings, without losing the flexibility of choosing when and where to drive. It will also help to maintain a great service for riders, helping them avoid the frustration of long ETAs. This is a contribution to the costs of driving in the Congestion Charge Zone, however it is your responsibility to pay the charge if you choose to drive in the CCZ at those times.

Plan ahead by paying the Congestion Charge with Auto Pay

The quickest, easiest and most affordable way to pay the Congestion Charge is by registering for Congestion Charge Auto Pay. A discount of £1 is applied when you register for Auto Pay, meaning the Congestion Charge would be £10.50. Setting up Auto Pay will help you avoid unnecessary penalty charge notices.

Register for Auto Pay here.

If you have any questions about the Central London Fee, please contact us through the app via chat or the support line, or visit the GLH.