Driver Announcements

Helping partner-drivers get the most out of Uber

February 15, 2017 / United Kingdom

Over the last few months we’ve talked to thousands of drivers across the UK – at events, roundtable discussions and on the phone. You’ve told us what you love about the app – the freedom that comes from being your own boss and deciding when and where to drive – and where we need to improve. And today I wanted to let you know about some of the changes we’re launching as a result of your feedback.

These changes are part of a series of initiatives to help you get the most out of driving with Uber. And they build on a number of changes we made last year in response to feedback from drivers – like the driver destinations feature and the ability to get your next trip request before you’ve completed your current one.

Earnings Advice Sessions
When you turn on the app, you want to make the most you can from Uber. That’s why we’re introducing new Earnings Advice Sessions where you can get advice, including from other drivers, about how to maximise your time – and the money you make – on the app. Everyone is welcome but we’ll be sending individual invitations to partners who are making less than the hourly average. To book a place, please click here.

Driver Destinations – Arrival Time
If you need to go to a particular part of town – perhaps because you’re heading home – our Driver Destinations feature will match you with a passenger going the same way. From today we’re also testing a new Arrival Time feature (initially with some drivers in London) so you can select your destination and the time you need to get there. We will then match you with a trip to get you as near as possible at the right time, so you can be sure to get home in time to put the kids to bed or make that dentist appointment! Find out how it works here.

Whether it’s an unexpected bill, a birthday or a burst pipe, there are times when you need your money before the end of the week. That’s why we’ve been rolling out FlexPay so you can decide when to cash out your fares and not have to wait until your end of week payment. From next week all drivers across the UK will be able to use FlexPay. Please note that it will take up to three days for the money to get to your account. Find out more here.

Free skills courses
Lots of you told us that you aspire to learn new skills. Whether it’s getting better at financial planning or learning a new language we’ve teamed up with FutureLearn to provide access to hundreds of online courses from the world’s top universities. If you’ve done more than 500 trips with Uber and complete a free course this year we’ll pay for your Certificate of Achievement. You can find more information – and start a free course – here.

Help with saving for the future
Many of you also told us that you want to save for the future. So we’re partnering with Moneyfarm – an online investment provider – who will offer Uber partners discounted products from ISAs to pensions, along with improved access to financial education. We’ll send you more information on this in the next few months.

Partner Appeals Panel
The issue of when we have to end partnerships with drivers came up in some of our roundtable discussions. While this does not happen very frequently, it’s sometimes necessary – such as when serious incidents have been reported and investigated. We want to ensure that this process is transparent and as fair as possible. So starting next week we’re launching a partner appeals panel. This will enable drivers who have seen their partnership with Uber ended the right to appeal certain decisions to a panel of other drivers. We’ll send you more information on this in the coming days.

Uber’s Community Guidelines
We’ve updated our Community Guidelines to ensure that both drivers and riders know what’s expected of them. As part of these ground rules, for the first time we’re publishing a policy explaining why riders can lose access to Uber – just as we already do with drivers. This is important because drivers like you deserve to be treated with respect, and need to know that Uber won’t tolerate passengers who are rude, abusive or violent. You can find these new guidelines here.

Free English language course
While Transport for London has said that it’s new English tests are to be delayed until September – pending the legal action Uber is taking – we know that some of you remain concerned about the test, particularly the writing and reading parts. So we’ve partnered with busuu to offer free courses for drivers. If you’d like to opt in for a 12 month premium membership at no cost to you, please click here.

What next?

This is just the beginning. We know that the best way to make driving with Uber a great experience is to listen to the people who do it themselves. Throughout the year we’ll be offering more opportunities for you to speak to us face-to-face to give your feedback. And if you’ve got something to share about your experience with us, you can always get in touch with us via the partner-driver app, or pop into a Greenlight Hub.

These initiatives are currently only available for Uber partner-drivers in the UK – we’re looking into a separate range of initiatives for UberEATS couriers – and we’ll be in touch soon to tell you about the other improvements we’ve got lined up.