Freshers’ Week tips and tricks

October 2, 2018 / United Kingdom

We can’t help with your lectures, but we can help you navigate a new city, get you to the ball on time and be on hand when you need a safe, reliable ride, from freshers to finals week.

Check the driver’s profile

When you get a ride, you’ll see the driver’s name, a recent photo of them and the registration, make and model of their car in your app. It might be busy at your pick-up location, so make sure you double-check the details in their profile match the car you’re  getting in.

Split the fare with friends

Running late for lectures or heading out for the night? It makes sense to share the trip. But did you know you can split the fare between friends? Once you’ve started your trip, just tap ‘split fare’ and add your friend’s details.

Share your trip for extra peace of mind

Calling it a night? Share your journey live with friends so they can see where you are on the map. Just go to settings in your app > select Share My Trip > select who you want to share the trip with then tap the share icon.

End your night with Uber Eats

With Uber Eats, you can get your favourite food from big name brands and local legends. Just sign in with your Uber account or create a new one, place your order then track your food in real-time.