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Your guide to getting back on the road this Autumn

August 31, 2021 / United Kingdom

We’re approaching one of the busiest times of the year as students return to Universities across the UK. As cities recover from lockdown, we’re seeing a very high number of rider requests as people travel to visit friends and loved ones around the country.

We appreciate a few things might have changed since you last took a trip with us, such as Worker benefits, COVID safety policies and more. To help support you getting back on the road, we’ve prepared a blog page full of useful information. We hope this should answer any questions you might have before driving again.

Reach your earnings goals

Your app gives you access to features and extra earning opportunities to help you reach your goals.

  • Earn Tips: This is extra and all tips from riders are 100% yours.
  • Drive in surging areas: During busy times, surge areas will appear on your map to help you earn more.
  • Cash out with Instant Pay: Get your earnings and tips any time, up to 5 times a day. No minimum required

Your worker protections, only on Uber

Driving with Uber means that you’ll get access to our industry-leading worker protections, which include Holiday Pay, Pension (for eligible drivers) and the guarantee that you will earn at least the National Living Wage. 

As soon as you start your first trip, you’ll be eligible to receive: 

  • Holiday Pay: You’ll get paid an additional 12.07% of your earnings each week, making it easier to plan some much needed downtime with family and friends. 
  • National Living Wage Guarantee: A guarantee that you will always earn at least the National Living Wage of £8.91 per hour, starting from the time you accept a trip on the app to the point at which the trip completes. This is a minimum amount, not a maximum, and you will continue to have the opportunity to earn more.
  • Pension Contributions: If eligible, you will have access to a pension plan that will include contributions from you and Uber, helping you plan ahead and save money for the future. If you’d rather not be enrolled in the pension plan for any reason, you can opt out at any time.
  • We have also joined forces with GMB Union in a groundbreaking trade union recognition deal. If you choose to join, GMB can act as your representative, and the union will be meeting the Uber leadership team every three months to discuss driver issues and how to improve standards across the industry.

You will be able to access these protections whilst retaining total flexibility, so you can choose if, when and where you work. You can learn more about the worker benefits here.

Need a car? We’ve got options

No matter how you plan to drive, we can help provide you with information so you find a car that’s right for you. You can sign up to drive, even if you don’t have a car right now. In the meantime, we’ll give you access to information about rental and leasing deals through our sister company, Partner Point. Their website is filled with deals on rental and financing options that you can’t find anywhere else.

Discover the options available here.

Your health and safety are top priorities

We’re committed to helping you feel safe when you drive on the Uber app. That’s why we’ve developed safety standards to help protect you and your community.

  • Ride Safety Feedback: You’ll be able to leave feedback on safety issues, such as a ‘rider not wearing a face covering or mask’. Keeping our community safe is everyone’s responsibility and this helps us hold everyone accountable.
  • Physical distance in the car and Face Mask Policy: To help with social distancing, we’ve let riders know to sit in the back seats. It’s also Uber policy that both riders and drivers need to wear a face covering or mask (unless exempt). If you have a safety concern, you can cancel the trip without it impacting your cancellation rate.
  • Accountability for everyone: There are safety steps you should take before going online, such as sanitising your vehicle. We’re also reminding riders of our safety policies before every trip, and you’ll be able to leave feedback on health and safety issues.

We’re here for you

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us 24/7 through the Help section of your app, or via our phone line, daily from 6am-10pm. 

In-person support will be available at reduced capacity across all the Greenlight Hubs in the UKI. Support is available by an appointment only and for issues requiring an in-person interaction (profile photo, car stickers, lost property, etc).

You can book an appointment if you need one here.