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Uber Comfort now available in selected cities across the UK

November 2, 2020 / United Kingdom

Uber Comfort is now live and ready to drive

Uber Comfort was designed as a response to the needs and wants of those willing to pay more to enjoy extra comfort and special features. This new ride option enables drivers to offer riders an enhanced on-trip experience and is a way to increase their earnings, if and when drivers choose to do so.

About Uber Comfort

Higher earnings available for drivers

Uber Comfort trips are priced 20% higher than the equivalent UberX trip.

Please note: If you’d like to opt-out of Uber Comfort, you can do so in the Driving Preferences section of your app.

Higher quality for riders

Uber Comfort offers riders newer, mid-sized vehicles with ample legroom and highly-rated, experienced drivers.

Set service preferences

Riders can now choose from five temperature presets, and specify in advance whether they prefer to chat or not, directly from the app.

Stress-free pickup

Riders can get a little extra time to get to the car – up to 12 minutes in London and 10 in other cities – before their ride is cancelled. Similarly to UberX, the first 2 minutes are free of charge, after which the 30p per-minute charge will kick in. You will be compensated if the rider keeps you waiting until the extended wait time ends, and if they still haven’t arrived by then, the trip will automatically cancel and you will be paid a full cancellation fee. This means your riders can start their journey off as stress-free as possible, while compensating you for the wait.

Eligibility criteria

In order to start offering Uber Comfort trips, you need to meet all required eligibility criteria:

  • You have completed at least 500 trips.
  • Your rating is at or above 4.85 (you can consult your rating in the “Profile” section of your app).
  • You drive a mid-sized vehicle manufactured in 2015 or later, and your car’s make and model is on the list of Comfort-approved vehicles below. From 1 January 2023, the vehicle will have to be manufactured in 2016 or later to qualify for Comfort.

To find out if your vehicle is eligible, click here. Please note, all vehicles eligible for Exec are also eligible for Comfort.

Once you meet all the criteria, you will be automatically enrolled.

Comfort availability

We are initially rolling out Comfort in selected cities. Currently, riders can request Uber Comfort trips in Bath, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Leeds, London, Manchester, and Nottingham.