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Diversity and inclusion

How we want Uber to look, feel, and work

Celebrating diversity

At Uber, we want to create a workplace that is inclusive of everyone, where every person can be their authentic self, and where that authenticity is celebrated as a strength. In order to create a safe environment for all our employees, customers, and the industry; to deliver the very best product to as many people as we can; and to have the highest-performing team possible, it’s imperative that we create an environment where people from every background can thrive.

We will:

Develop our people

It’s not sufficient to find the best people from all walks of life; once they arrive at Uber, we need to support them and ensure that they feel a sense of belonging. To that end, in Q2 we will launch new leadership programs for underrepresented groups and for women; we are doubling down on our support for employee resource groups; and we are continuing our diversity and inclusion and allyship workshops.

Engage leadership

The numbers matter, but so does making sure that leadership drives our improvements. Every member of our executive leadership team has aligned around several diversity and inclusion priorities, and we’re building a robust set of metrics that will rank diversity and inclusion alongside other business priorities. Leaders have also committed to personally championing inclusive behavioral norms in everything they do.

The people who move Uber

Created and operated by employees, our employee resource groups (ERGs) are working on ways to further build and improve our culture across the world. In 2017, our ERGs expanded from around 2,000 members to almost 7,000 members across the company. And we're exceptionally proud of their work: employees who showed significant leadership in ERGs received a special bonus in recognition of their work to further inclusion at Uber.

Learn more about all the work our employee resource groups are doing below.


Uber’s community for caregivers and employees living with disabilities

Asian Heritage

Uber's Asian community


Uber's community for socioeconomic inclusion


Uber's community for Black employees and allies


Uber's community for immigrants


Uber's community for women in engineering

Los Ubers

Uber’s community for Latinx employees and allies


Uber's community for employees with multifaceted backgrounds


Uber's community for parents and caregivers


Uber's community for LGBTQ+ inclusion and diversity


Community for employees of all generations


Uber's community for Muslim employees


Uber's community for Jewish employees

Women of Uber

Uber's community for women, gender non-binary employees, and allies

Continuing to stand up for what’s right

We publicly support policies that drive diversity and inclusion in the countries where we operate so that people everywhere have the right to live, work, and be their authentic selves.

For example, we’ll continue to stand for causes that defend the rights of immigrants. We’re proud to be a member of the Coalition for the American Dream, a group committed to urging the US Congress to pass legislation to help keep children born in the US to immigrant parents—also known as Dreamers—from being deported. In the months before the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, we hosted town halls for drivers in cities with large populations of Dreamers, with immigration lawyers on-site to help answer their questions.

We also created a fund for legal support and assistance to Dreamers, with a focus on cities where they need the most help. And we will continue to speak out against efforts that undermine our values of inclusion and equality, as we did when citizens from Muslim-majority countries were banned from entering the US.

In addition, we'll continue to stand up for LGBTQ+ causes. We’re proud to have joined the Human Rights Campaign’s Business Coalition for the Equality Act and supported federal legislation in the US that would ensure equal protections in the workplace for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

"We celebrate differences at Uber and are committed to building a culture where everyone feels welcome, supported, and challenged. To help Uber reach its highest potential, diversity and inclusion needs to be at the core of everything we do."

Dara Khosrowshahi

Chief Executive Officer, Uber

"Diversity and inclusion isn't just about redesigning a single system or a process, but also about giving people real developmental opportunities that change everyday behaviors and attitudes. With the right actions, diverse teams can become our single greatest asset because they are what drive innovation."

Bo Young Lee

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Uber

Where we’ve been

Last year, we put a stake in the ground to make Uber a great place to work for everyone. We’ve spent the past 12 months investing heavily in the tech sector and building partnerships through a dedicated fund we created to support organizations working to bring more women and underrepresented people into tech. Through that commitment, we’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing organizations like BUILD,, Girls Who Code, SMASH, and Technovation.

Last year was also about looking internally at how we could improve. We believe in and are committed to pay equity for all employees. We engaged in a thorough analysis to help us advance race and gender pay equity companywide, as well as to ensure competitive compensation—and that effort will continue long-term.

Created a Diversity Advisory Council

We created our first-ever Diversity Advisory Council, which now functions as an advisory and recommending body to help us address diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives. The council comprises Uber employees and 6 of the leading external minds focused on diversity and inclusion, all of whom have offered their perspectives regarding companywide progression toward a more inclusive culture.

Improved our recruiting process

We have completely overhauled our recruiting and hiring process. In practice, this has meant training more than 1,000 new interviewers in engineering to mitigate bias and also adding anti-bias controls across interviewers during the process—including using Talent Sonar, a product of TalVista, to rework over 1,500 job descriptions, making them far more inclusive.

Hired a diversity sourcing team

We hired and activated a dedicated diversity sourcing team to better target key cities across the US. Our teams instituted structured interviews to ensure that candidates are asked the same questions and judged against the same competencies, and we’ll be sharing the outcomes of that work with employees to let them know what will be informing our actions. We also implemented an Interview Moderator program whereby moderators observe interviews to ensure fairness.

Created diversity workshops

We created Why Diversity Matters, our first global diversity workshop program designed to emphasize the importance of cultivating and keeping diversity of experience, background, and thought on our teams. This workshop is the foundation for all programming that will follow and provides a common language and a set of commitments we'll use across the company. Nearly 4,000 employees globally have participated in this live and experiential workshop.

Participated in the Disability Equality Index

In 2017 for the first time, we participated in the Disability Equality Index (DEI), a joint venture of the American Association of People with Disabilities and Disability:IN. We’ve worked to make strides in both app and platform accessibility as well as inclusion efforts for Uber employees with disabilities, and DEI has been invaluable in helping push forward those efforts. We look forward to participating again this year.

Continued our work toward LGBTQ+ equality

We’re proud and excited that for the past 4 years, we’ve earned a top score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index, which deemed Uber one of the Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality. The index is an annual survey taken by companies across industries that intends to help corporations understand and implement best practices internally that are inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community.

Moving forward

This is just the beginning. No matter who you are at Uber, we're committed to creating an environment where everyone can be themselves and not only belong, but also be valued for their authenticity. By highlighting our progress and being honest about where we still have work to do, we'll strengthen both our business and the more than 600 cities in 65 countries where we operate.

Where we are

We have made meaningful progress over the last year, but we still have a lot of work to do to both increase representation of and improve the experience for women and underrepresented populations, particularly in our tech functions. We continue to believe that transparency is the only means through which we can make substantive change, so here’s where we are, below.

Global gender

  1. Data are as of March 2017 and March 2018.

  2. Support and Operators includes community support representatives, experts at our Greenlight Hubs, Xchange Leasing specialists, funnel operations specialists, and self-driving operators.

US race and ethnicity

% White
% Asian
% Black or African American
% Hispanic or Latino
% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
% American Indian or Alaska Native
% Multiracial
  1. Data are as of March 2017 and March 2018.

  2. Support and Operators includes community support representatives, experts at our Greenlight Hubs, Xchange Leasing specialists, funnel operations specialists, and self-driving operators.

  3. Race and ethnicity percentages may not total 100% due to rounding.

Gender by region

  1. Data are as of March 2017 and March 2018.


We’ve hired more Black and women senior leaders across the company, as you can see below. In addition, 23% of our Board of Directors are women. We’re encouraged by the commitment shared by our CEO and the rest of the executive leadership team, even though we’re not yet where we need to be:


% Women%Men
  1. Data are as of March 2017 and March 2018.

  2. Leadership is defined as director and above; 2018 view includes general managers for Ops departments.

Race and ethnicity

% White
% Asian
% Black or African American
% Hispanic or Latino
% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
% American Indian or Alaska Native
% Multiracial
  1. Data are as of March 2017 and March 2018.

  2. Leadership is defined as director and above; 2018 view includes general managers for Ops departments.

  3. Race and ethnicity percentages may not total 100% due to rounding.

Expanding the definition of diversity

While we’ve always understood and acknowledged that diversity is about more than just race and gender, particularly as a global company, this year we wanted to measure numbers beyond the traditional categorizations. With employees in all parts of the world, our workforce has a similarly diverse set of stories to tell. In total, 16% of US employees have work visas, and they represent 90 countries.

LGBTQ+ community

We also asked our employees to self-identify their sexual orientation and gender identity. The responses were completely voluntary and anonymous. In total, over a third of employees chose to answer, and 15% identify as LGBTQ+. While we recognize that it’s perhaps too small a response rate from which to draw overarching conclusions, it’s helpful to get a baseline as we work to increase the response rate in our next report.

In 2017, the UN Human Rights Office released standards of conduct for businesses around the world on how to treat LGBTQ+ employees, suppliers, and customers. Uber is proud to support these standards, and we look forward to using them as our framework as we continue to grow and scale.

Where we're going

We’re still relatively young as a company and are committed to and passionate about making Uber a truly diverse and inclusive place. We’re excited to have Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Bo Young Lee, who will, among other things, help build out a robust supplier diversity program and create more engaging development programs for women and underrepresented minorities.

We have the audacious goal of being the most inclusive workplace in the world. We know that ambition requires unwavering intention and commitment from everyone at Uber. With that in mind, diversity and inclusion will be at the core of our broader strategy as a company.

You can also download our 2 most recent EEO-1 reports below. We wanted to share these with you in the interest of transparency, even though we think the information on this site is a better representation of how we’re doing.