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Uber for friends and families

Sometimes it’s not just you who wants an Uber ride. Uber’s lets you book a journey for your family and friends too.

No matter the reason – treating a friend to a ride home, or looking after a loved one – Uber’s Family Profile lets you take control of the fare while they enjoy their trip in safety. You don’t even have to be in Egypt to pay for their ride, giving you both total freedom and peace of mind.

The Uber app makes it easy to organize. Inside the app, you choose “Set up your family” in the Settings menu. Simply add the contact details of anyone you want. They will then receive an invitation to join (they need to install the Uber app as well), creating a Family Profile.

Now, all they need to do is select that Family Profile as their payment method and you can approve the ride. You will receive a receipt with details of each journey and the rider can use the Uber app as normal. They are notified of the driver partner’s details, vehicle and arrival time, just like any Uber ride they pay for themselves.

You can also order the ride for them yourself. If you choose a pickup location that is different to where you are, the Uber app will ask if the ride is for a family member or friend. Choose their name, detail the destination and ask for a ride for them. The rider will receive a notification directly from the driver partner as normal, with a link to track their vehicle’s route and arrival time.

The Uber driver will know the name of the rider being picked up and they can communicate with each other. From the rider’s point of view, it’s just as if they booked the ride themselves.

This family and friends features gives you total peace of mind that a loved one can reach their destination safely, no matter the circumstances. Whether it’s a parent worried about a child, or a son or daughter nervous about an elderly relative, you can rest assured they will be taken care of by an Uber partner.