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Uber at RiseUp Summit 2018

December 6, 2018 / Egypt

For the third year in a row, we are proud sponsors of the three day entrepreneurship marathon RiseUp Summit! 

Here you will find talks and sessions by some of the world’s leading decision makers, technology experts, innovators, business professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs.

This year’s theme? Aim high, stay grounded! The 6th edition of RiseUp Summit will be about being in tune with the needs, obstacles, and opportunities within our reach. It is about shooting for the stars while remaining realistically ground-headed and rooted within our own locales, networks, and communities.

Our Uber speakers & talks

How to change the world, one partner at a time

Brooks Entwistle, Uber Chief Business Officer 

Brooks serves as Chief Business Officer International for Uber, responsible for business development and the firm’s relationships across Asia Pacific, EMEA and Latin America. In this talk he'll be talking about how Uber started out to solve a simple problem: the need to get from A to B safely, reliably and affordably. Eight years and ten billion trips later, Uber has evolved into something so much more than pushing a button and getting a ride. With a long term vision of becoming a multi-modal mobility platform, Uber’s technology is unlocking economic, social and environmental change in over 600 cities around the world, and is just getting started. Partnerships have never been more critical to realizing this platform strategy; and ultimately partnerships, coupled with incredible products, are the only way to meaningfully solve some of the world’s toughest problems.

Date: December 7 // Time: 15:10-15:30 // Stage: Capital

Flexibility & Magic: Finding Uber's next billion rides

Bradford Church - Product Manager

Bradford is the product manager on Uber's newest low-cost product, Uber Bus. Bradford believes that Uber Bus will revolutionize the way billions of people move around their cities by improving the reliability, efficiency, comfort, and safety of their daily travel by layering innovative new technology on top of existing modes of transportation. In this talk, we can understand how Uber's technology and operations teams maintain the flexibility and speed--with a dash of magic--to innovate towards lower cost travel options that will get the next billion riders where they need to go faster, safer, and cheaper than they could before.

Date: December 7 // Time: 15:45 - 16:10 // Stage: Tech

Uber's untold story

Abdellatif Waked, GM MENA 

Abdellatif (Tino) led the team that launched Uber in Egypt in 2014, and has overseen the expansion that has made Cairo one of the fastest growing cities for Uber in the world.

Nour Ahmadein, Regional Business Development Manager

Nour is the Regional Business Development Manager for Uber across the MENA region. Being Uber Egypt’s first employee 4+ years ago, he helped scale the business rapidly and solve some of its toughest challenges to date. He is now in charge of leading large-scale commercial deals across the region. From building and managing a marketing team to striking a sponsorship deal with Mohamed Salah, Nour is a passionate entrepreneur with a strong track record in scaling businesses and challenging the status quo.

Learn how the company went from being called Ovar to Obar – and now finally Uber. Get to know the story of how Uber started in Egypt, the journey from day 1, learnings, and do’s and dont’s by the two who put all risks and misconceptions aside to bring this disruptive technology to life in Egypt.

Date: December 8 // Time: 12:40 – 13:10 // Stage: Tech

The Uber Marketing Cheat Sheet

Ahmad Yousry, Head of Marketing Egypt 

Ahmad is a commercial leader with over 10 years of experience in the telco and digital industries across 3 continents looking after brand, pricing, product and customer value management. In this talk he will give a condensed guide to the Uber ways of marketing and the company approach locally and globally to build the brand giving you some insights on how we evolved from ‘puppies on demand’ to signing Mohamed Salah, and how you can adapt those strategies and tactics to fit the stage of your startup.

Date: December 9 // Time: 13:00 - 14:00 // Workshop at Greek 101s Falak

Pitch N’ Ride—Uber Bus Edition

This year we’re bringing back our signature Pitch N’ Ride to more people. Instead of only one person per startup being able to pitch to the investors on their Uber ride around Tahrir Square, this year there can be a few. ‘Cause this year’s Pitch N’ Ride will take place in our latest innovation—Uber Bus! 

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