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Sahel, your #UberRESCUE is arriving now

June 23, 2017 / Egypt

There’s many people out on the Sahel highway driving their own cars, and despite it’s sunny perks, it could be a little dangerous.

That’s why we’re partnering up with Nacita Auto Care—introducing UberRESCUE, to help make sure we’ve got your back at all times.

We’re partnering up with Nacita Auto Care—introducing UberRESCUE

Flat tire? Need to jump start your car? Need some sort of car maintenance while you’re on the road? Just choose UberRESCUE directly from the Uber app and help will be on it’s way.

How to Request:

  • Open the Uber app
  • Enter a dummy destination or skip destination
  • Choose the UberRESCUE icon
  • Expect a call from the Nacita agent heading over to you, to better understand the car trouble you have encountering
  • Help will be on it’s way to you within minutes



#UberRESCUE Services:

Service Price Details
Base Fare (start with this fare) 50 EGP Price of services will be added to this base fare
Quick Rescue Services 25 EGP Jump start car battery
Change spare tire
Replace Tire Valve Stem 30 EGP  
Wheel Balancing 30 EGP Wheel balancing for sport and standarm rims/wheels
Wheel Balancing (run-flat tire) 40 EGP Wheel balancing for a run-flat tire
Puncture Repair (patch) 35 EGP Puncture repair using patch technology
Puncture Repair (Mini Mombi) 45 EGP Puncture repair using mini combi technology
Purchasing New Tire   Price of tire includes the following services free of charge: tire installation, wheel balancing, new valve installation and nitrogen inflation
Purchasing New Battery   Price of battery includes the installation service

The Uber experience from the ground up has been designed with your safety in mind—so, ride safe, and drive safe, this summer.