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Making our roads safer – for everyone, everywhere

November 20, 2017 / Egypt

Every week, millions of riders trust Uber to get them around the city safely. By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers, Uber makes cities more accessible.

Uber is committed to provide the safest possible experience to riders and driver-partners before, during, and after every trip—which is why we pledge to help move around our cities safely

On our 3rd anniversary in Egypt, we have joined forces with The Nada Foundation for road safety to help support their “Safety Around Schools Project” in order to proactively take a step towards safer roads, and cities.

The Foundation’s three-step program involves identifying traffic and safety issues around relevant schools, including damaged infrastructure or inadequate sidewalk parking.

They then plan and implement solutions to these problems through:

  • Engineering: the implementation of treatments such as pedestrian crossings, islands, signage, bus stops, and other measures.
  • Education: this includes in school road safety education, mobilization of social workers in schools, education of bus drivers and empowerment of school staff to play an active role in ensuring safety around school areas.
  • Enforcement: this could involve “school crossing patrols” and manifestations by older students, social workers or volunteers, supplying them with the needed equipments and training.
  • Encouragement: these include the school assessment and accreditation of school buses and their drivers as well as providing incentives for children and school staff for positive safety behaviors.


Join us in supporting this cause.

From 20-25 November, choose the UberGIVING option on your Uber app and any rides requested will support Nada Foundation's incredibly important cause.

We have a long road ahead of us, but only together can we make Egypt safer for us and our children.

**All rides taken on the UberGIVING view will be at the same cost as uberX with no extra charges