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How the Uber rating system works

November 22, 2018 / Egypt

After each trip, Uber riders and Uber drivers are given the opportunity to rate one another based on their trip experience – an important part of Uber customer service for both riders and drivers.

Ratings are from one to five stars and you can see your average rating in your app – it’s a star sign with a number next to it.

The rating system is designed to be an important measure of quality on the Uber platform, helping keep the rider and driver experience safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

The two-way system means that both riders and drivers are held accountable for their behavior on a ride – and lets both sides have a better idea of what the person they are riding with is like.

Ratings are anonymous, so rating a driver or rider does not affect your account, but having a high rating means you are more likely to be prioritized by drivers if you are a rider, and more likely to appeal to riders if you are a driver.

Remember – you can’t buy a good rating, only earn one, so follow our tips below to make sure you keep your star score high.

If you’re a rider…

Try not to cancel – No one likes to be stood up! As soon as a driver accepts your ride request, he or she will start making their way towards your location. In a busy city, changing direction at the last minute can be a challenge. While circumstances can change, try and be sure you want a ride before you book.

Be on time – It always helps if a driver can find you. Try to be at your location at the time your driver arrives. The app allows you to follow your driver’s progress in real time. Keeping an eye on this will allow both of you to waste as little time as possible.

It’s okay to be quiet, but it’s also okay to start a conversation and be polite. Drivers may have been on the road for several hours, so start a conversation with them. You never know what you might find out about them or hidden hotspots in the city.

Think both about your driver and the people who may be taking the next ride. Be considerate: take your trash with you, don’t eat in the car so as not to leave smells and please don’t smoke.

Give and take – The rating system is designed to give mutual feedback. If you never rate your drivers, you may see your own rating fall.

If you’re a driver…

Try and keep you and your car clean – Your appearance is important for riders. See our article on top tips for looking after you and your car here [LINK TO OTHER ARTICLE THIS MONTH].

Try not to call riders excessively – Riders have booked their ride and are waiting for you to arrive. Unless they are late or you can’t find their location, try not to pile pressure on them by calling.

Ask for a riders’ preferred route – Some riders may take the same route on a daily basis and may have their own way of wanting to get there. Check with them before you set off.

Think about what riders may need – Be creative and put yourself in the position of a rider. If it’s hot, think about carrying bottles of water to offer. Phone chargers for different phones so riders can top up their charge are also welcome. Think about keeping a couple of chargers for popular smart phones in your car.

Never ask for a rating – Don’t pressure riders into giving you a rating. If you are doing a great job, they’ll rate you.