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How to beat an Uber price surge in Alexandria

When demand is high for our Uber service we raise the fares paid by riders to encourage more driver-partners to start working. However, a few simple tips can often help avoid any extra charge.

Understand what surge pricing is

Surge pricing might happen during peak holiday seasons, if it starts to rain, or late at night if a lot of customers suddenly leave the San Stefano Cinema or Le Bar at the same time. Once the supply of Uber cars increases or the number of waiting riders clears away, prices drop again.

Plan ahead

Now you know how surge pricing works, take time to anticipate any issues. Plan to leave a restaurant 30 minutes before closing (if it is not open 24 hours), or to stay a bit longer after the crowds have left.

Watch your app

Surge pricing usually isn’t too high. To get the best price, make sure to check the estimated fare on your Uber app and you won’t be caught out.


As little as five minutes can make all the difference before prices drop back to normal. If you are in a restaurant, perhaps you can enjoy some extra time with your friends. If it’s raining, pop into a café and wait for demand to drop. Keep an eye on the Uber estimated fare on your app until prices return to normal.


The easiest way to beat surge pricing is to walk away from where the action is.  If the crowds on the Corniche are raising fares, prices should drop to normal rates by the time you go a few blocks inland. Use the Uber app to key in a few options and then head off to the pick-up location that offers the best estimated price.

Split your journey

Consider taking an Uber for only part of your journey while ordering another Uber for the ride to your final destination. It might still slightly cost more than your normal fare but could avoid paying the surge price for the entire journey.


Share a ride

Uberpool is coming soon to Alexandria but you can still share an Uber with another rider. The app will divide the fare and charge each of you individually. All you need now is a friend!


Refer a friend

If you have someone with you who has never used Uber, this is a chance to do you both a favour. By referring them to Uber, you both get a free ride.