Two years ago we made a commitment to become a zero-emissions mobility platform. Today we’re sharing an update on the promising progress so far, and some of the actions taken this past year to help us get there. 

Our 2022 Climate Assessment and Performance Report (CAsPR) shows that as of Q3 2022:  

  • On average, more than 37,000 zero emission vehicle (ZEV) drivers a month are actively using Uber’s app in the US, Canada, and Europe. That’s a fourfold increase since the same period a year prior. 
  • ZEV drivers in the US, Canada, and Europe* completed more than 19.4 million trips free of tailpipe-emissions on the Uber app – approximately 4.5 times higher than the same period a year ago.
  • 7.1% of all on-trip mileage in Europe* and 4.1% of all on-trip mileage in the US and Canada were completed by ZEV drivers. That represents year-over-year growth of 3.6 percentage points. 
  • ZEV uptake by drivers using Uber’s app is now 5x and 8x higher than that of drivers in the general population in Europe and the US respectively. 

Momentum is growing, especially in the US where our concerted efforts including new products, a new tool to help business partners track their own emissions, expanded partnerships and meaningful public policy is starting to pay dividends. ZEV uptake by drivers on Uber’s platform is now 8x higher than that of the general US population. Our home state of California, where we see leading government policies and strong EV industry investment, is now the US leader for EV miles on the Uber platform with nearly 9% of all on-trip miles completed by ZEV drivers in Q3 2022.

The ongoing shift to electric in Europe* continues to lead the world, with electric on-trip miles doubling year on year, with 7.1% of on-trip miles now electric. It’s no surprise that London, a city with leading government policies, leads the world with 15% of on-trip miles now electric. 

While we have much more work to do to get to zero-emissions, our 2022 report shows we’re on our way. Getting there won’t be easy and we can’t do it alone. Climate is a team sport and we’re in it together. We look forward to working with policymakers, climate experts, EV industry leaders and many others to meaningfully reduce the environmental impact of trips taken on our app and help create healthier, more liveable urban environments. 

Are you a driver interested in going electric? Visit Uber’s sustainability page to see the latest discounts on EVs and EV charging tools available through our partners. 

*In 2020, we set a goal of reaching 50% of trip kilometers completed in battery EVs in 7 European capitals: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Lisbon, London, Madrid, and Paris. For this reason, all mentions of “Europe” for the metrics reported in the CASPR refer to all passenger mobility trips completed in the country-level markets corresponding to these 7 European capitals: the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, the UK, Spain, and France, respectively. Further details can be found in our SPARK! report.