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Live Music on Demand on Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2017 / Berlin

Read in German

Valentine’s Day is getting closer and you’re still not sure how to make it memorable? How about surprising your partner or coworkers with a live song? And what’s even better? It’s free of charge.

We partnered with Spinnup in Berlin to bring you a live musician on demand on February 14th and transform Valentine’s Day into a mini concert. All you need is the Uber app and a little bit of luck.


  1. Open or download the Uber app for iOS or Android
  2. On February 14th from 2pm-6pm select ‘UberMUSIC’ and enter the location you would like to send the live artist to
  3. Tap ‘REQUEST’ and if a car is available, it will head to the destination you selected
  4. Your driver will call to confirm the name and location of person being sent the singer
  5. UberMUSIC is free of charge and demand will most likely be high; if you are unable to find an available car, wait and try again
  6. It is a surprise which artist you will get and the songs are chosen by the artists (they will be great, don’t worry!)   


Spinnup is an online digital music distribution service. It offers an aggregator service to musicians and unsigned artists so they can distribute their music worldwide via online retailers such as Spotify, iTunes etc. The site also has a network of ‘scouts’ who are looking to discover and mentor new talent on Spinnup and help them find a record deal