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Taxi Wheelchair is in Hamburg and Berlin now

July 26 / Berlin

Inclusion is a topic that’s close to our hearts. And today the Taxi Wheelchair option lets us go a step further.

In the Uber app, riders in Hamburg and Berlin can conveniently book a ride designed for wheelchair users. Plus, the fare is the same as for a standard taxi.

Together with taxi partners in both cities, we initially converted a total of 20 vehicles specifically for the needs of wheelchair users. In Hamburg, the taxi companies only use fully electric vehicles that can be booked in the “E-Taxi Wheelchair” product category in the Uber app. The number of vehicles will be gradually increased over the next few months.

This gives people with limited mobility more options to organize their everyday life more flexibly and spontaneously – by means of trips arranged at short notice that do not require planning lasting several days.

Our vision is to enable everyone to be mobile with one click in the app,” says Christoph Weigler, General Manager DACH at Uber. “Unfortunately, wheelchair users in public transport are still restricted in their mobility. We want to change that together with our taxi partners.