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Launching UberListen, a way for Uber to hear from you

February 8 / Canada

At Uber, we are always looking for ways to listen to drivers. Now, we’ve launched a program allowing Uber to hear from you without you leaving the driver’s seat! UberListen is a program where Uber employees can get your feedback during a ride. 

On an UberListen ride, Uber employees will ask you about your experience with Uber and listen to your feedback. UberListen rides are an opportunity to share your challenges and priorities. We know every experience is unique and believe UberListen rides will allow you to share your insight in an informal, one-on-one, setting without interrupting your work.

We believe in building products and features with drivers in mind. Feedback from UberListen rides will be shared with Uber teams so that we can work towards building features based on your insights, focusing on what matters to you. 

UberListen is a pilot program launching on a limited basis in the US and Canada—not every driver will experience these types of trips. 

During the ride, an Uber employee will ask if you’d like to participate in UberListen. Participating in an UberListen ride is completely optional and you are never obligated to provide feedback. Your trip rating will not be negatively impacted, whether or not you participate in UberListen.  Drivers who do provide feedback in an UberListen ride will receive $25 for their time, payable within two weeks. In addition, any information you provide will be kept confidential and only shared with Uber’s internal research and development teams so that we can build a better user experience for drivers.    

We look forward to hearing from you through UberListen and continuing to build our platform with you in mind.