Compliments go a long way

December 14, 2017 / Canada

Every day, thousands of drivers provide outstanding service to riders across Canada. These drivers deserve more than 5 stars and that’s where Compliments come in handy. With Compliments, you can give drivers an extra thank you in-app for going the extra mile.

To celebrate the contribution of drivers who top the charts with Compliments, we’re teaming up with belairdirect to surprise them with unique experiences.

December experience

Holiday shopping spree

For this very first experience, we want to say thanks to Florence, Abdul and Imran—3 drivers who provide ‘Excellent Service’ time and time again to their riders in Toronto.

They were surprised with a holiday shopping spree, where they each had the opportunity to fill up their cart with whatever they wished, at Canadian Tire.

Meet the drivers

Florence, driver since May 2015
Florence (nicknamed “Uber Mama” by her riders) thoughtfully chose kitchen appliances for her two sons and herself, as well as a Christmas tree and decorations for her church.
Abdul, driver since June 2016
Known for going above and beyond with his riders, Abdul got a car seat and a stroller for his son. He also practically selected winter tires for his car, and then snuck in a splurge for a big-screen TV.
Imran, driver since October 2014

Imran—showing he knew the aisles of Canadian Tire as well as the streets of Toronto—picked out nice gifts for his wife, as well as several items for his car and Uber riders.

In the Holiday spirit, belairdirect also made a donation to a charitable organization. Stay tuned for more special experiences across Canada in the coming months!

How Compliments work

Compliments is a feature in the Uber app, that lets riders thank drivers based on where you think they went above and beyond. Whether for expertly navigating the city streets or striking up a great conversation that brighten your mood, it’s the small things that make a big difference.

After rating your driver out of 5 stars, riders can select a Compliment of their choice, such as Excellent Service, Entertaining Driver, Expert Navigator or Above and Beyond, to give an extra thank you.

Compliments are an additional way to express gratitude and recognize when a driver goes the extra mile to make the ride more memorable and fun.

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