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A family trip home

June 25, 2019 / Canada

With belairdirect, we surprised a special driver in Toronto who has ‘Great Conversations’ with his riders time and time again.

June experience

For this third experience, we celebrated Carlos—a driver in Toronto who’s received a ton of ‘Great Conversation’ compliments. 

Carlos hasn’t been able to go back home for over 10 years. We decided to surprise him and his family with a trip home to Brazil.

Meet Carlos

Carlos, driver since June 2016
Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Carlos had a difficult childhood that prompted him to leave his home when he was only 8 years old. He joined the local circus where he learned to play guitar and became a part of the family. 

In Brazil, Carlos had 3 children—Katia who’s now 42 years old, Vivian who’s 37, and Marcello. Unfortunately, Carlos lost his son Marcello to the violence in Brazil. 

Carlos and his wife Manu moved to Canada 15 years ago. They’re now the proud parents of 5-year-old Sophia. Manu and Sophia have travelled to Brazil to visit their family. However, Carlos hasn’t been able to go back in over 10 years to see his daughters and extended family. 

Carlos loves driving with Uber and meeting new people—he says it’s allowed him to pursue his passion for music. When he’s not behind the wheel or spending time with his family, you can find him playing gigs around Toronto as “Carlos McCartney”. Carlos is an avid Beatles fan and Paul McCartney lookalike!