Top Partner Feature: MD Saiful Islam

October 18, 2017 / Dhaka

Meet Mr Saiful. He is currently our coolest Uber driver available. He’s got 5 stars on average and is very engaging with his fellow riders. He’s so popular in fact, he often gets stopped for a selfie. Let’s get to the know the man behind the steering wheel.


Hometown: Satkhira, Khulna

Total number of trips: 1800

Total number of 5 star trips: 1200


How long have you been driving for Uber?

From the very beginning – 11 whole months now.


Favourite thing about driving with Uber?

I can work whenever and for however long I want – the effort I put in directly impacts how much I can earn. I can to earn upto Tk 20,000 per week and sometimes even Tk 26,000 due to Uber’s special driver campaigns. I start driving from 2PM and usually get home before 12 am. My flexible working hours allow me to spend time with my family and kids – I get to have breakfast with them everyday and spend quality time during weekends with them.


How has Uber changed your life?

I was able to pay off my debt of Tk 90,000 in just 7 months thanks to Uber. I can comfortably finance my children’s education and maintain my family now. I used to struggle back when I worked at my previous ‘rent-a-car’ business. Uber also offered me Tk 5000 as joining bonus which really helped me to believe in Uber’s cause. So it has improved my earning potential as well as living standards exponentially. I have become famous among riders thanks to Uber. I love the attention and respect I receive from my riders.


Any fun/memorable Uber stories?

I once came across a 5 star rider. He greeted me and was very nice to me as he boarded my vehicle. As he got in. he was pleasantly happy to see water bottles and some chocolates I usually keep for my riders. I think it adds value to their journey. He was so surprised with this in fact, he took a few photos of them and posted it on Facebook. This small gesture has transformed me from a 5 star driver to a 5 star celebrity on Facebook – all thanks to Uber. Riders often want to take photos with me and that makes me feel valued and loved.


How did you earn so many 5 star trips?

I respect my customers and their time. I always greet them with a salam and wish them a great day before they head off. I also keep water bottles and chocolates in my car because I believe it will make their journey better. I rarely cancel on my riders and communicate clearly.


Any advice to other Uber partners?

Be patient and nice to your riders. We’re all humans and we all have bad days so there’s no reason to get angry at a rider when you are having a bad day. If you’re not happy with your rider, just complain in app and someone from Uber will get back to you. Pay attention during Uber’s training when they teach you about navigation – it makes life as a Uber driver so much easier. Try to make as many trips as you can and not cancel if you think the location is too far away. Most importantly, be well behaved with the riders and treat them well, communicate with them clearly. Follow the Uber rules and it will never fail you. The love and respect you give to the riders will come back to you.