Uber Premium launches tomorrow

June 26, 2019 / Australia


In order to be eligible for Uber Premium, driver-partners must:


Have completed 20 trips or more.


Keep a star rating of 4.6 or higher.


Drive a car that’s 6 years old or less and listed as eligible.

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Delivering a premium experience

Introducing Rider Preferences

We know that riders often choose to take Uber Premium when they are looking for a high quality service, so we’ve developed an exclusive in-app feature – Rider Preferences – to help you deliver just that.

When a rider requests an Uber Premium trip, they will be able to indicate certain preferences, which will be shown in your Driver app when you arrive at their pickup location


Whether your rider prefers a warm or cool climate.


Whether your rider needs to focus or is free to chat.


If your rider is traveling with luggage, they can notify you while you’re en route to their pickup location so you have the option to help when you arrive.

Extended pickup periods

Uber Premium will also have slightly extended paid wait and cancellation times compared to UberX. Currently, this means:

  • Per minute wait fees begin from 5 minutes
  • If a rider cancels more than 5 minutes after requesting the trip, the rider is charged a $10 cancellation fee
  • If you cancel after waiting at the rider’s pickup location for more than 10 min, the rider is charged a $15 cancellation fee

Tips on how to get a 5-star rating:

With Uber Premium, riders expect a premium experience.

See below tips from top-rated driver-partners on how to get a 5-star rating:

  • Accommodating a rider’s preferences.
  • Trying to pick your rider up at their exact address and on the correct side of the street.
  • Knowing your way around the area – you can also ask your rider if they have a preferred route, or if they would like you to follow GPS. It can sometimes be a good idea to run your GPS in silent mode, especially if your rider has indicated they need to focus.
  • Prepping your car for company by making sure it’s clean, odor-free and clear of personal belongings.
  • Putting safety first

Uber Premium fares

The time/distance rates and base fare for Uber Premium are approximately 1.8 times more than the equivalent rates for UberX in your city, except for Sydney where they are approximately 2 times more than the equivalent rates for UberX. You can find the full fare breakdown by visiting the Fare Estimator.

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