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Uber Commute

September 1, 2020 / Australia

What is it and how do you benefit?

Every year, more and more people move to cities in search of new opportunities, but sometimes these cities struggle to keep up with the growth. More people means more traffic and higher pollution rates.

At Uber, we want to reduce traffic at the same time as reducing the cost of your commute

Commute matches pairs of neighbours and co-workers travelling similar routes, so you can save time, money and the environment – all at the same time.

Simply put, Commute is a carpooling community. Carpooling is when a group of people using one car travel together on a shared route. You benefit from sharing costs of things like fuel and parking, and your city benefits from less congestion and lower pollution levels.

COVID-19: All commuters are required to wear a face mask and meet our COVID-19 travel requirements.


How do I sign up?

If you can’t see the Uber Commute option in your app, try upgrading your Uber app to the latest version – Android (4.330) / iOS (v3.418) or higher. You can also follow this link from your phone.

In case you still can’t see the “Commute” option on your app, try waiting a couple of days. Making Commute available is a gradual process, so it could take a few days for the option to appear in your app.

Why should I sign up?

Commute is about sharing driving costs. It’s a great life hack for those of us who want to cut the costs of driving, and for others it offers a straightforward way of getting from A to B. Partnering together means you can share the costs of things like fuel. It also reduces traffic in your city and helps you to build your network.

How much does it cost?

If you’re driving then you pay nothing to take part – not even a service fee. You’ll receive money as contributions from riders.

For riders, the total trip cost will start with a service fee but will then depend on the length of each trip. You’ll be able to see the cost once you’ve been matched for a commute trip.

There’ll be special discount offers on fares during the first few weeks of the launch of this product.

How does Uber Commute work?

Commute helps to pair you up with another commuter. Your commute might be different every day, so your commute partner might vary. Once you enter your route and schedule you’ll be matched up with someone in your city who has similar plans. You’ll then get a notification from Uber with the details.

When do I need to create or request a Commute ride?

You should submit your details for the AM commute before 9pm (21:00) the night before. Details for the PM commute need to be submitted before 3pm (15:00) the same day. Matching will take place at these times and be immediately communicated. This makes sure you and your commuting partner have advanced details on your Commute match so they can prepare for your journey.

What is cost-sharing?

Cost-sharing is the key financial benefit to Commute. It means the cost of your ride is based on things like fuel and parking.

How long does it take to be matched with another commuter?

We want to make sure your costs are kept low, so we’ll only match people with similar routes. Matching happens at 3pm (15:00) and 9pm (21:00) each day and we’ll notify you as soon as we detect a match. Since Commute is new, getting a match depends on how many people have signed up in your city. A great way to speed up the matching process is to invite others in your network to join in.

What role can I play?

You can be flexible depending on your own situation. Being a rider is as easy as it sounds, you simply become a passenger in someone else’s car. If you have a car then you can sign up to find a passenger.

Can I switch between riding and driving?

As long as you’ve registered your car details in the app you can switch depending on your commuting needs. Every time you submit your commute details you’ll have the option to ride or drive.

Where is Commute available?

Commute is being introduced gradually. Open your Uber app to check if it’s available in your city.

When can I start taking part?

After you’ve signed up and given us your route details, we’ll notify you when Commute launches and you have route matches.

Why should I invite people I know?

The more people get involved, the quicker the matching process will be. Plus – the more people take part, the less traffic and pollution there’ll be in our cities. Once you’re signed up there’ll be a shareable link in your Uber app to invite friends and co-workers.

Do I need a car?

If you’d like to take a passenger you’ll need your own car. If you’ve registered your car with Commute then you’re free to decide for each trip whether you’d like to drive or ride.

Are there any requirements to register my car?

You’ll need to submit a valid driving licence and profile photo, as well as completing our standard background verification. Your car needs to have a valid non-commercial registration certificate, valid third party insurance cover and any other documents that the government mandates to ensure road-worthiness. All information shared by you under this process will be governed as per Uber’s Privacy Policy.

How direct will routes be?

The carpool route depends on the route of the person who’s driving. This way, they maintain their usual A to B, and riders are picked up and dropped off along the way. Any large detours will be kept to a minimum.

How does Uber Commute work considering the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Pre-trip Checklists: Before every trip, commuters must confirm that they’ve taken precautions such as wearing a face mask and washing or sanitizing their hands. 
  • Updated cancellation policy: commuters can cancel trips if they don’t feel safe, including if a user is not wearing a mask or face cover. 
  • New seat limits: For Uber Commute, we’re advising riders not to sit in the front seat. Only one passenger will be allowed in a car and they should ideally sit in the rear seat. 
  • Rideshare Health Safety Education: Working with global and local public health authorities, we have compiled safety tips and recommendations that will be sent to all riders and drivers.

How would trip fare payments be handled?

Payment will only be digital; there would be no cash payment option. Riders can pay through any of the digital payment methods available in the Uber app. If you’re giving another commuter a ride then you’ll receive their contributions directly in your bank account.

Can I bring a friend or colleague along on my Commute ride?

Your Commute ride is only for you and the person you’re matched with. It’s not permitted to bring a third person. In order to enforce social distancing due to the COVID-19, there should be a maximum of 2 people in a car.

What should I do if I have a question or issue?

You can view the FAQs in the Help section in your app under the ‘Commute’ menu option.

Is Uber Commute safe to use?

GPS-tracked rides from start to finish. 
You can see their route clearly marked, and the location of the car, on the app throughout your journey. You’ll never feel lost.
Two-way call anonymisation
Uber does not share your contact information. Calls and messages sent through the app don’t reveal your personal number.
Community Guidelines
Updated community guidelines that clearly reject any inappropriate and disrespectful behaviour.
Safety center
You can find safety tips and learn about screening processes, insurance protections, and community guidelines
Emergency button
Need emergency help fast? Tap the safety shield icon on the map to pull up your emergency button and connect. The button allows you to quickly connect with law enforcement. As an additional layer, the internal response team at Uber calls you back as well, within a short span of time.  
Trusted Contacts and Share your trip feature:
It’s easier than ever to share your trip details with loved ones so they can follow along. Just go to your Uber app settings, select “Manage Trusted Contacts,” and add the person of your choice (up to 5). Then you’ll always be prompted to share your trip with them with just one tap.
24×7 Safety Helpline
You now have access to a 24×7 helpline for any urgent, non-emergency issue that may occur during a trip giving you a plethora of options to be safe.
24/7 Support Team
Rapid Response: Uber’s 24/7 support and safety team handles any issues that you might face. We have a dedicated Incident Response Team to answer any urgent issues. If we receive a report that there has been an accident or incident, we can suspend the relevant parties and prevent them from accessing the platform until the matter is resolved.  

See this website for more information.