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$3.50 UberPool rides to and from your ferry at Manly Wharf. Boom!

March 21, 2019 / Sydney

FerryConnect makes commuting on the ferry easy.

You can request an UberPool for just $3.50 to or from Manly Wharf – so you can share the ride and share the savings, on your commute!

Using FerryConnect is simple:

  1. Request an UberPool to or from your ferry at Manly Wharf, Monday – Friday, between 6am – 9am and 4pm – 7pm within the FerryConnect service area:
Participating suburbs: Manly, Balgowlah, Balgowlah Heights, Manly Vale, Clontarf, Fairlight, Queenscliff, Freshwater, North Manly, Seaforth, Curl Curl, Brookvale, Allambie Heights.
Enjoy your UberPool ride capped at $3.50!

UberPool is our most affordable ride yet

  • UberPool is perfect for when you’re looking for big savings on your commute.
  • You’ll be matched with other riders heading to or from Manly Wharf. 
  • Plus, upfront ETAs to your destination before you request means it is easy to plan your journey.

Here’s how UberPool works:

Request an UberPool.
Simply request an UberPool, then follow the in-app directions that will guide you to your pickup point.

Share your ride.
Share your Uber ride with other riders heading in a similar direction to you. And see your route as you ride.

Save. Boom!
You save on UberPool because by sharing the ride with others, you share the cost of the ride!

Share the ride and share the savings on your commute.

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