One Simple Way to Hack your Night Out

March 21, 2019 / Australia

We’ve all experienced that fear when piecing together spending from the night before.

Your bank account can often read like a bad novel, from buying rounds of drinks to unexpected entry fees. Getting to and from your destination can also add up.

Cutting costs is just one of the reasons why Aussies choose UberPool. Here are five ways a shared ride can lead to an even better night out.

Share the ride, share the savings

UberPool works by pairing you with other riders heading your way (not out of your way) so you pay less. It is up to 50 percent cheaper than an equivalent ride with UberX, so if you’re on a tight budget but want to meet your mates on the other side of town, you don’t have to miss out.

Just open the Uber app and select ‘Pool’ before requesting your trip to make the most of the savings.

Make friends before you’ve even got there

UberPool is perfect for getting you to and from social occasions, not only because it’s cheaper, but because you can start the night out before you’ve even arrived by meeting new people.

You never know, you might even make a friend or end up re-creating an episode of Carpool Karaoke while saving a buck at the same time.  

Minimum effort, maximum safety

While we’re not encouraging you to be fashionably late, UberPool is perfect when you have a bit of time on your side, such as getting to and from a social occasion. The furthest you’ll need to walk to meet your driver is 500m meaning that you’re unlikely to get sore feet (ideal if you’re wearing heels), but more importantly, Uber goes that extra mile on safety to give you the reassurance that your address is kept private.

Upfront info on ETA and pricing

We’ve all got that mate who is always late. With UberPool, while you may be picking someone up on the way, it will be someone who is heading the same direction as you, and you’ll be giving an accurate ETA at the beginning of your trip so there’ll be no excuses! There’ll also be no surprises on cost thanks to upfront pricing.  

Do your bit for your city and our planet

The more bums on seats, the fewer cars on the road. It’s that simple. A full car can reduce the carbon emissions of each passenger significantly.

Imagine the difference we could make if we all shared a ride on a night out instead of going solo.

UberPool is available in select Sydney and Melbourne suburbs.