Alcohol delivery in Victoria

October 4 / Melbourne

Now on the Uber Eats app

Following the introduction of alcohol delivery in Melbourne in 2017, Uber Eats is excited to announce that alcohol delivery requests will soon be available to delivery partners in Ballarat, Bendigo, and Geelong.

Alcohol delivery is optional

To opt in to complete alcohol deliveries, you will need to correctly answer 7 key questions about using the Uber Driver app for alcohol delivery in Victoria.

If you have opted in to complete alcohol deliveries and no longer wish to deliver alcohol for any reason, you can opt out of receiving alcohol delivery requests at any time by contacting our support team at

Delivering alcohol

If the order you’re picking up contains alcohol, the app will prompt you to complete a set of tasks required by law. This process is the result of legal and regulatory requirements, not independent instructions or guidance by Uber.

Your responsibility to ensure you comply with the law

Remember, delivery partners are required to follow all applicable laws and regulations. This includes road safety laws and laws relating to the delivery of alcohol. Failing to do so could lead to a fine or imprisonment. Additionally, failing to comply with legal or regulatory requirements may be a violation of your Agreement with Uber and could therefore result in you losing access to the Uber app.

Alcohol and Minors: It is against the law to provide alcohol to a minor and you risk being fined in excess of $19,000.

Intoxication: It is against the law to provide alcohol to a person who is intoxicated. This can risk the licensee being fined in excess of $19,000.

Delivery tips and steps:

These steps are designed to help you follow laws relating to the delivery of alcohol. Click on the + sign for more details on each step.

If you’ve read the information above and want to earn with alcohol delivery, please opt in below.

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