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5 Uber app features you may not know about

February 2, 2018 / Australia

Change the way you ride with five Uber app features that can take your Uber experience to the next level.

1. Let others follow your ride in real-time
Share your real-time trip details so your colleagues or loved ones know exactly where you are, every step of your journey. Swipe up in the app and tap ‘Send Status’, then select who you would like to follow your trip from your contacts. They’ll receive an SMS with a link to follow your journey in real-time, including the details of your car and driver.

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2. Split the fare seamlessly
Riding with friends or family? Forget about counting cash or IOUs. You can split the cost of your ride with up to three people, directly in the app. Request a ride then swipe up before or during your trip, then tap ‘Split Fare’. Select the other riders from the contacts in your phone or enter their phone number. They’ll receive a text to accept the split, and each person will be charged a 30 cent fare split fee. Easy!

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3. Add multiple drop-off points
Need to make a few stops along your journey? Multiple Destinations lets you include extra stops along your ride, so your driver can pick up and drop off others with ease. You can add up to two extra stops, either when you request a ride, or while you’re on your trip. Simply tap ‘Add a Stop’, then tap ‘Save.’

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4. Plan ahead with Scheduled Rides
Whether you’re catching an early morning flight or going to an appointment, you can schedule a ride up to 30 days in advance. You can modify the details at any time prior to your trip and we’ll send you a reminder on the day. That’s one less thing to worry about!

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5. Sync meetings using Calendar Shortcuts
This feature connects the calendar on your phone to the Uber app. This enables any appointments with an address in your calendar to appear instantly as a ‘shortcut’ when you request a ride. To sync up your calendar, just head to ‘Settings’ and ‘Calendar Events’ in the Uber app. Make sure your events include an address so there’s no need to copy and paste. The address is there – ready when you are.

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