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Uber safety measures: Your safety is our priority

To the app

A huge part of our mission is to connect you with an affordable and convenient ride at the touch of the button. However, the most important part has been providing you with an even safer Uber ride – before, during and after. Here’s a quick guide on some of the Uber safety features that are built for better peace of mind.

Where to? Anywhere!

From Dubai to London and Abu Dhabi to Paris: an Uber ride waits on every street corner. Our 24/7 global coverage means that regardless of where you are or what time it is, you can request a ride with Uber to get where you need to be. Whether you’re heading home late at night, or are lost in an unfamiliar city, a ride is always just a few taps away.

From door-to-door

With Uber, you can catch a ride from the safety of your home directly to where you’re headed. You don’t have to hang around outside waiting or go to a specific pickup location. You might be starting your morning commute or out for the evening: you can always wait inside safely until the app notifies you that your driver has arrived.

Don’t sweat the details

We know how important it is to know who you’re catching a ride with. When you request a ride with Uber, you can immediately see the profile of your driver on the app, as well as the vehicle type and license plate of the car coming to pick you up. This safety measure means you’ll know who and what to expect when it’s time for your ride.

Keep them in the loop

You can share trip data with family and friends through the app to keep them updated on where you are – just swipe up on the app screen and tap “Send Status” for a shareable link to your trip details. It not only lets them know who your with and when you will arrive, but even shows them a live map of your trip so they can make sure you get home safely. It’s a great way to give everyone some extra peace of mind – but, it does make it harder to lie about being on your way when you’re still getting dressed!

You can also pre-select up to 5 “Trusted Contacts” who you will automatically share your trip data with when you request a ride and press “Send Status”. Night time sharing is also an option if you don’t need to let everyone know when you’re heading out for a morning coffee.

Rate your trip

After completing your trip, you can leave an overall rating to let us know how your journey was. It’s a quick, easy and anonymous way to inform us how satisfied you were with your ride or if you have any complaints. Everyone on the Uber platform has a rating – including riders – and we review all feedback to make sure everyone in our community stays safe and treats each other respectfully.

Your safety tools all in one place

It might seem like there are a lot of Uber safety measures to keep track of, but the in-app Safety Center makes all of them readily accessible. Just tap the shield icon in the bottom right of the map screen to open the Safety Center menu. From here, you can immediately share your trip data or press the emergency button to call for police assistance. You can also access the Safety Center’s information area, where you can set up your trusted contacts and find out more about the various safety features built into the Uber service.

Contact us directly

You can also get in touch with us for any queries or complaints you’d like to share. You can use the convenient in-app support feature to report a trip issue or access our help content for information on a variety of rider-related topics.

While we always want to ensure that everyone has a safer ride with Uber, we can’t do it alone. Whenever you’re catching a ride with us, or anyone for that matter, make sure to do your part by riding responsibly: respect your driver and their vehicle, keep your seatbelt on during the ride and if something seems wrong, never hesitate to contact us. Safe travels!