UberVIP: Exclusive rewards for Dubai’s top riders

November 20, 2018 / Dubai

Whether you use Uber to get to the office, home, the mall or safe nights out, we want to reward you for it. We rolled out the VIP program to give our top Uber riders nothing short of a top Uber experience. That’s why every month, we reward our most loyal riders in Dubai by giving them access to an exclusive UberVIP vehicle view. Here’s everything you need to know about the VIP program in Dubai and what you can expect once you earn the status. 

To qualify as an UberVIP rider, all you need to do is take 10 or more trips a month.

What you get

Exclusive access to a special vehicle view

Access to Dubai's top-rated cars and drivers at no extra cost

Rewarded with special offers, discounted rides and automatic entires into sweepstakes

How it works

  • When you take at least 10 rides in Dubai by the end of each month, VIP status will automatically be added to your account and you'll receive a monthly email with the perks and discounts for that month.
  • VIP has no additional cost, and rates are the same as Select. Please keep in mind that there are fewer VIP vehicles on the road, so it may take a few minutes longer for your car to arrive.
  • In order to maintain VIP view active within your app, you must continue to complete 10 rides or more each more.

Your questions answered

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