Tips from drivers for a perfect Uber rider rating

April 29, 2019 / Dubai

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Are you looking to further perfect your rider skills? Last year, we gave you some tips on how to improve your Uber rating: this time, we asked drivers what they think makes a good passenger, and we discovered some interesting things!

(In case you forgot, you can check your Uber rating by tapping on the menu icon and checking under your name.)

Respect each other

Did you know that the most common reason for a bad Uber rider rating is basic behavior? This includes a number of things, like leaving waste behind in a ride – make sure you take everything with you when you get out. It takes only a small effort to greet your driver in a friendly way before the ride and to thank them when you arrive after all. Many drivers also told us that they like being in contact with people, so if you make good conversation, there’s a good chance that you will make it an unforgettable ride (and also score a high rating).

Consider safety

Did you ever try to go to parties with as many friends as possible in your parents’ car as a kid? You might have gotten away with it then, but it’s probably a tighter fit now your older – and your driver definitely won’t appreciate it if you try to get in with more than four people (it’s also against our rules). If you want to drive with a larger group you can always request a larger car.

Safety tip: Drivers do their best to get you from A to B as safely as possible, so give them a hand and always wear your seat belts.

Give compliments

Many drivers do their best to provide you with a ride that is as comfortable and pleasant as possible, so it’s good to recognize them for it. Did you enjoy the music or did they let you play your own? Was the car spotless? Did you have a nice conversation or did you think your driver was funny enough to do stand-up? You can show your appreciation and give an extra compliment or tip via the app.

Be on time

If you have a date, you should never be late! It’s not nice to keep them waiting, of course, and the same applies to journeys: if you have agreed with a driver to pick you up somewhere, make sure you’re on time. Always double-check your pick-up location before you request your Uber ride to avoid misunderstandings. Oh, and if you don’t show up at all, you’ll also get zero stars…

So, are you the ideal passenger that drivers look for? If you stick to the above tips, then you’ll get those five stars in no time. Remember: your Uber rating is averaged from all your ratings, so it may take a while before you see a change.

Reviews and compliments help to promote mutual respect between passengers and drivers and keep the Uber community safe, so thank you for working with us on this!