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Smart City Technology: How Uber works in the UAE

March 17, 2015 / Dubai

Recently we have been asked a number of questions about how Uber works in different parts of the world and in the UAE. Simply put, our team at Uber believes in choice, and we believe our technology can complement cities, such as Dubai, boost their current transportation network in order to reduce congestion, increase safety and service levels, and optimize the efficiency of public transport systems.

Here is a look at how we work.

A licensed technology company

Uber is a licensed technology company evolving the way the world moves by seamlessly connecting riders to drivers via the touch of a button on our Uber smartphone application.

We operate in over 342 cities, and nearly 61 countries and are proud to call Dubai one of our global regional hubs. Based in Dubai Internet City and licensed by TECOM, we’ve been providing tens of thousands of Dubai residents and tourists with a reliable, safe and convenient way to get around the city since 2013.

Whether heading to Burj Khalifa or Kite Beach, the airport or lunch at Dubai Mall, Dubai’s made a habit of using Uber as a transportation alternative for their everyday needs. In short, Uber has become a way of life in this metropolitan city.

Uber in the UAE

Dubai is a world-class city that is growing at a rate unmatched anywhere in the world, and needs transportation options to help fuel that growth. Locally, we operate by partnering with licensed operators to use our platform and we wanted to take this opportunity to show you what this means for both drivers and riders.


  • As a technology company, we don’t own cars or employ drivers. Instead, we partner with licensed operators in the UAE – who, in turn, own fleets and employ drivers all appropriately licensed  – to provide commercial transportation. Our role at Uber is to give them access to our technology booking platform helping to connect riders with drivers and helping to make their businesses more efficient.
  • The driver employees of these companies go through an application process to use the Uber platform, and those that are accepted are then trained by a member of our team on how to use the application.
  • Drivers are then free to use Uber as much or as little they want, and they remain employed by their respective limousine companies.
  • Drivers that previously may have had a few hours’ worth of work a day are now being directly connected to riders via our platform.


  • Safety: Uber riders can see their driver’s photo, name, vehicle type and registration as well as the driver’s star rating when booking – providing riders with all the information they need to ensure a safe and secure ride before even stepping into the car. Riders can also let friends and family follow their route to know when to expect them.
  • Transparency: Riders are able to get a trip estimate before deciding if they will request a car via Uber
  • Feedback: We ask riders to rate the driver and provide feedback (anonymously) about their ride. We are constantly monitoring this feedback to maintain the quality of the service and help drivers improve the Uber experience they deliver.
  • Convenience: The Uber app automatically pinpoints riders’ location to provide true door-to-door service, and uses a live GPS enabled map to provide riders information about their trip if there is an issue.
  • Choice: We see ourselves as a complement to the current transportation network, offering another option when it comes to getting around #UberDXBLove


Chris Free