How to contact your Uber driver

Get the app

The Uber app is designed to connect riders with drivers for convenient and affordable rides – but what if you need to actually get in touch with your driver? Maybe you’d like to give them some extra information about the pickup location or perhaps you’ve left something in the car after a ride (it happens to us all!). Whatever the reason, we can help: here’s how you can contact your Uber driver before or after a ride.

Tap the app

If you’re discussing the details of a trip, a pickup location or a lost item, it’s easy to call your Uber driver using the Uber app. If you have just requested a ride, you can tap the bar with your driver’s info at the bottom of the screen and select “Contact”. If you’re contacting your driver for a lost item after a ride, you can go to the “Your Trips” section, select the appropriate ride and select “I lost an item” to get in touch with them.

To protect privacy of drivers on our platform, we don’t feature drivers’ phone numbers directly, but the app will put you in contact. Remember, drivers may not answer their phones whilst driving, so you can always opt to send a text message for them to respond to instead.

Visit the website

Did you leave your phone behind in the ride? Don’t panic – all is not lost. You can also contact your driver for a lost item by going to the Uber Help feature on the website, signing in and selecting “Trip issues and refunds” (you can also report any other trip issues online from this page).

From the menu, choose “Contact driver about a lost item”. Sign in and enter your contact number at the bottom of the page (you can add a friend’s if you’ve lost your phone).  Tap “Submit” and Uber will make the connection. When the driver responds, you can arrange when and where to retrieve your lost item wallet (or any other item you may have left behind). If not, leave a voice message detailing your problem and ways to contact you.

That’s it?

Yep! It’s really easy to contact your driver before or after a trip, whether it’s about the details of the trip, the driver not showing up or a lost item. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that your driver’s response might not be instant. It’s not always possible for them to take calls or reply to text messages while on the job. For any other trip issues, you can use the in-app support feature to report them to and resolve them directly with us.

With that said, we’re always here to help and make your Uber experience rewarding. Check out our guide to troubleshooting and resolve any trip issues you may have or contact Uber directly.